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3 fun ways to cross-train before tryouts

Snag a spot on the squad without spending countless hours dribbling a soccer ball.
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by purpleorchid on 8/2/2011 6:01:53 AM


@maddie dizzle i think it sounds like a fun idea if your up for it!
@ dancer1846 i don't think you have to worry about it either! The fact that you are doubting ur fruend, makes it seem like she not very good friend.

Comment back on my profile(:

by purpleorchid on 8/2/2011 6:01:04 AM


ok so i have like an oily face. it gets oily like during the day even though i wash my face twice a day. it really does this during skool, but when its like summer or the weekend it doesnt do this. why does it happen the way it does? also is there any way i could help this w/o spending tons of money? thnx

Hey girl,

My face always got super oily in school because of my subconscious actions during the school day. I didn't even notice most of the time, but I would play with my hair, rest my head on my hands while my teacher was talking, skip washing my face after gym class, etc. All of these things can transfer oil to our faces! So try to be more aware of what you're doing in school to cause the oil - then stop! Smile
Lauren C.

by briblue3 on 8/1/2011 6:07:44 PM


sounds cool

check out my profile clubs and new advice page!!

by briblue3 on 8/1/2011 6:05:34 PM


My friends and family are encouraging me to try sports this year for school but I don't really want to. I'm afraid that everyone will make fun of me because I don't know how to play. I've never been very athletic but I know I need exercise. I can either join sports or PE, which should I do? :/

Hey girlie,

It's great to try new things! Don't let the fear of the unknown (or of embarrassing yourself) keep you from trying a new sport that you might really like. Are there any sports you like playing with friends that you might wanna try on a more serious level? Any sports that make "working out" more fun to you? Any sports your friends already do so they could give you a few tips on them? Give it a try - you can always back out if you realize it isn't for you.

But also remember that you don't have to do something just because your friends and family want you to. If you're not athletic and aren't interested in anything beyond basic workouts to get fit, don't force it. Your talents could be better in a new club (an arts club, maybe?), a performing arts group, or a volunteer organization. The most important thing is getting involved in something - check out your options and find one that feels right for you!  
Lauren C.

by madizzle013 on 8/1/2011 4:58:26 PM


MOD MOD MOD my boyfriend is a grade ahead of me and will be going into high school this year. he flirts with girls a lot but thats how he always has been but everyony has known we wer together. but i am woried when he goes to high school somegirl will take it the wrong way and i might get hurt. he isnt that kind of guy but thats what all my friends are telling me!

Hey girly,
Just be careful. The fact that you know he is this way will make it much easier for you to see what's going on. Keep an eye on him. If he starts to look like he is flirting with another girl and he is serious about it, then dump him.

Catie C.

by gymbrat on 8/1/2011 1:58:03 PM


MOD MOD MOD I met this really nice boy. I talk to him alot. I told my friend about him and she has a boyfriend already but I'm afraid she's going to steal him from me! What should I do if she does? She has before to a different guy I have liked too! What should I do? Thank you!

Hey girly,
If your bff already has a bf, then don't worry, chances are she isn't gonna steal him. If she does try to make moves, remind her that you really like him and that she already has a guy that will give her plenty of attention. Good Luck!

Catie C.

by dancer1846 on 8/1/2011 12:38:34 PM

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