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Does my bad rep make guys think less of me?

They'll flirt with me, but not if it's in public...
49 Comments | Add Yours

I like this guy in one of my classes. He sits right behind me and talks to me everyday. A few days before winter break I gave him my # and he hasn't called or anything. He is moving late feb early march to another state. I want to tell him that I like him but dont really know how. I don't want to sound desperate. And should I be worried that he hasn't called or texted? Any tips help!!!

Hey Natalie,

Try talking a little online (Facebook, AIM) or asking him to work on homework with you after class. Do little things to get to know him even better! He might've felt awkward calling or texting since he didn't have much to say. But if you grow a little closer, it won't seem as strange Smile Then that way, you'll be better friends...and confessing your feelings won't seem as strange, either!
Lauren C.

by mkdancer98 on 1/15/2012 2:03:26 AM


Guys can be sluts and no one even cares or says anything negative about them. We act slutty or dress provocatively and its the end of the world. What a weird double standard. Personally I believe its better not to act that way (even guys shouldnt) but we are all different. And I dont think I would want a bf who was spreading his love all over the school.

by luckykel on 1/13/2012 10:12:38 PM


i have a friend who's a slut. i was totally shocked when she told me she wanted to be a playboy bunny or a prostitute when she grows up! she already goes to a counselor, but her problems just get worse. she wears clothes that might not even be QUALIFIED as clothes in summer, and in winter, she wears these gauzy shirts that you can see her bra through. what should i do? if i tell her that she's kinda a slut, im afraid our 7-year friendship will be shattered! Frown

by CupcakeCutie_21 on 1/13/2012 9:11:54 PM


u have extreeeeemly low self esteem if ur ok with being a slut. slut=bad, if you think badly of yourself thats not good. if any of you find urself in this position talk to someone, and they will show u how much you mean to the world.

by smg135 on 1/13/2012 8:21:17 PM


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by tampagirl<3 on 1/12/2012 7:55:36 AM


Hey beaniebag12, yep sounds like he likes ya to me. He probably already knew what the homework was but just wanted to talk to you. Now the question is do you like him?

Okay so me and this guy are pretty close friends. We text a lot, joke around, but it's kind of awkward (i used to be really shy and weird around him but i'm over that). He texted me today asking for the science homework, but I was sitting right next to him when he wrote it down earlier. Is he just doing this to talk to me and is there a possibility he likes me? Lynae P.

by beaniebag12 on 1/11/2012 7:40:48 PM


Wait!!! Ur OK with being a slut????!!!!! Thats not kool! Theres ONE guy out there for u and u wouldn't like it if he was with all the girls in his school! So u shouldn't be doing the same thing!

by CupcakePanda on 1/11/2012 3:41:46 PM


that is the complete opposite for my school the only girl guys date are sluts!

by tampagirl<3 on 1/10/2012 6:15:07 PM


Whether we are a goody to shoes or are kind of slutty remember there is that one guy for you. We all wonder if someone will like us for who we are and get all concerned if we are normal. We should just be ourselves. If one person doesn't like it, too bad because you need to be who you are.

If you are saving yourself for that one special person stay strong and be confident, if you aren't then at least be smart and take the precautions about what you are doing.

by luckykel on 1/8/2012 6:32:44 PM


then join the club POPULAR BOOKS! we discuss the movies, the series, actors, characters, and other kewl things! :o)

by briana13 on 1/8/2012 1:13:03 AM

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