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Is it OK to be mean to mean girls?

Do they deserve it, or should we take the high road? Take the survey!
56 Comments | Add Yours

That's kinda mean. And no offense to them, but their voices aren't very good!:/ And no, it's not okay to be mean to mean girls. Sometimes, I'm glad other people are mean to them because some girls make us have such crappy days. I'm nice to everyone at my school, never really mean to anyone. And also, really? Being mean to other people won't solve the problem. In fact, it will probably make it worse. And remember the Golden Rule? "Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated." They might not do the same for you, but you should treat them the way you would like them to treat you.

by taylorswiftfan1233 on 4/25/2012 8:55:31 PM


I so agree with fearless;) but the song is still so horrible why would they do that. I especially hate the end just kidding we are perfect. They have no right to be so mean and they aren't really that hot. They are also the most concieted girls i have ever heard or seen in my life that was a horrible song to sing. Frown Jerks!!!!

by cellphone1847 on 4/25/2012 8:39:50 PM


If u saw the abc interview with them, it says they were joking and it was supposed to be a joke for their friends. get ur facts right GL! (srry jjk)

by e17c on 4/25/2012 8:34:44 PM


First that song is kinda mean and self conceited and second they don't have very good voices
at all.

by just_me12 on 4/25/2012 8:15:03 PM


umm, ok, no offense, but conceited much? That song was terrible. I honestly wonder if they realize how people see that video. I find it revolting that someone can truly think they are better than the rest of the world just because they dress a certain way or act a certain way. What makes one person better than any other?

by chicky97 on 4/25/2012 8:11:04 PM


I think thar this video is hilarious!!!!!!
I do see what people mean by saying "who do they think they are ", but they are cool cause you people make them cool. Even when you talk behind their backs it gives them more of a reason to pick on you. I know they have picked on "us" (I use quotes cause not everybody has been picked on by them) but if you think they are mean, or aren't worth tour time, then DONT PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!! In my opinion, everybody else, "us " are mean. Even though that one mean girl is mean to everyone, how would you feel if everyone is Kean to you? Lat time I checked, "us " have been just as mean as those girls. Just learn to ignore, forgive and forget. So the next time you want to bag on a mean girl, put yourself in her shoes and just see how hard it is to take hate from hundreds to thousands of kids everyday. I know I wouldn't want to make her feel worse than than she already does. That's just my opinion.

by SassyPoet23 on 4/25/2012 7:41:17 PM


I don't really think it's OK to be mean to mean girls, although when people are, I can't say I feel sorry for them.

by supersingershannon on 4/25/2012 6:40:33 PM


For me,I think it's fine because you treat people the way you want to be treated. Period.

by iluvmusic♥ on 4/25/2012 6:19:30 PM


thats REALLY horrifying, to think ppl are that conceited! I mean, who do they think they are, the lyrics are offensive!

by cdmvv on 4/25/2012 6:09:52 PM


if they wanna make a song about being hot then so be it, cuz thats all theyve got since they cant sing and there stuck up.

by fearless;) on 4/25/2012 5:48:26 PM

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