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My first kiss was a major letdown

It was hardly romantic and my BF insulted my kissing skills. Should I break up with him?
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my first kiss wasn't extravagant but it also wasn't like that, it was just a simple cute kiss

by Tiger Lily on 5/23/2012 11:27:49 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!! ok so i just found out that my boyfriend has some friends who are girls that are sluts! I talked to him about it and he told me that they just recently became like that. He thinks that are sluts too. Worst thing is he told me that they don't like me because I'm his GF and they like him. Weird thing is they have BFs and they are pretty intimate or act intimate with them. I'm confused and I don't know how to deal with this. Thanks

As long as your relationship with your boyfriend is healthy you do not need to worry about the other girls. It is good that you and your boyfriend can talk about your concerns and that he agrees with you. Stay true to who you are and do not let their behavior confuse you or influence they way you act. Focus on your relationship and everything will work out for the better. Good Luck! xoxo Kerra 
Kerra S.

by Tiger Lily on 5/23/2012 10:39:06 PM


I got my period on the 19th last month, and didnt get it yet. I think I have an infection down there because my discharge is stinky and green and it itches all the time. I dont want to get it treated. Could this cause my menstruation to be late?

Your period can be very irregular within the first couple years of it starting so do not worry if you are a couple of days late. It sounds like you may urinary track infection and yes this could be the cause of your late period. Unfortunately it will only continue to get more uncomfortable if left untreated. Do not feel embarrassed to talk to a parent or doctor about this as vaginal infections are very common among girls! Your doctor will be able to give you antibiotics that can have the infection gone within a couple of days! You can also try drinking cranberry juice, this can help if you do have a urinary track infection. If you do have an infection you really do need to talk to a doctor before the infection spreads. Again, this is not something to be embarrassed about as it really is common. Good luck! xoxo Kerra 


Kerra S.

by futurewriter16 on 5/23/2012 9:56:28 PM


Gross. And sad that your first kiss was ruined..

by curlygirl16 on 5/23/2012 9:48:02 PM


That's gross and rude. Sorry about that Frown

by unicornninja on 5/23/2012 8:27:37 PM


Mod Mod I like this guy from work I think he likes me too as a friend at least because when he took his break he came back up where I was and talked to me and then when I went on my break he followed me and talked but he's kinda shy so we just became friends on facebook would it be alright if I sent him my number in.a message on facebook and said text me sometime? Or would that be to bold? Thanks much mod


Hey girl, no I think that's fine! Or you can just chat him on facebook and start there? That might be easier. 

lauren r.

by Colorful1 on 5/23/2012 8:22:50 PM


I need help keeping healthy. I always try goals but I can never keep at it! Iv'e always been stick skinny and now im getting bigger. I want to start eating healthy foods but idk what to eat! (and what foods make your breath stink and what make it smell good?) I understand if you cant answer all my questions thankyou!!


Hey girl, try and eat from all the food groups and keep healthy proportions of each. If you're working out, be sure to eat lots of proteins to help your muscle groups! Also, if you're craving sweets, eat fruit! Those are the good sugars that taste good and are good for you. Honestly, I would just do a good search for stinky foods, but stay away from garlic, that stuff makes people smelly for too long! 

lauren r.

by chick987 on 5/23/2012 8:00:41 PM


i hope my first kiss isnt like that! gross!

by fearless;) on 5/23/2012 7:05:32 PM


hey girl,

when i kissed a guy for the first time he texted me a couple hours later saying i did it wrong! how embarassing! dont let this guy get you down! hahahah there are other girls out there like me who had the same thing happen!

by gozuko4740 on 5/23/2012 6:33:39 PM


Hey again Smile I am usually WAY to nervous to call him! Any tips? Thanks Smile


 Hey girl, if you're too nervous to call right away, text! Or maybe contact him through Facebook. It's always easier to build confidence through text than voice. Then when you're ready give it a go and call! 
lauren r.

by xXMissBehavedXx on 5/23/2012 5:58:33 PM

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