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How to get perfect loose waves like Bella Thorne

In our August/September issue, we showed Bella with those gorge bedhead waves! Get this look on your own tresses in 5 easy-as-can-be steps, just in time for...
43 Comments | Add Yours

My hair is really curly, thick, and frizzy, but I don't really want to use a lot of product in it and I don't have a curling how can I curl it so that I have cleaner, looser curls??


hey! comb your hair when it's wet, then twist sections of it around your fingers. Then, let it air dry. When it's dry, brush it out and it'll have a natural wave. Good luck! 

Helen S.

by kaceyjustine on 3/21/2013 6:55:01 PM


how do i get loose waves wid a 1 in curling iron? My mom doesnt wanna buy another one which is bigger so how do i acheive da same look but wid a smaller iron?


hey! the trick is to wrap your hair losely and not heat it for too long, that should achieve a looser curl with a smaller iron. good luck!

Helen S.

by fashiondiva4 on 9/1/2012 10:29:43 AM


mod mod mod!
I have extremely thick hair that is just barely shoulder length. It isn't long enough for a regular braid, and nobody in my house can french braid. It's quite thick, and does this little flip at the end, which means it is perfectly straight and then flips out and the end. When I straighten it, it takes upwards of an hour, feels thick and greasy, and still flips! My friend straightened it for me, and it was light and flat, but she said it was too complicated to do yourself! When I try to curl it, the curls hold for about an hour, and then straighten into a greasy, thick mass. While I love my longish hair, this problem frustrates me so much I have considered chopping it all off. Why can I never do anything with my hair? I am tired of people walking around with their hair braided, curled, and flattened, while I can only put my hair in ponytail. Did I mention I have side bangs and am growing out my layers! Please Help!


Hey chica! Some hair just doesn't do what you like, no matter how hard you try. Next time to go in for a haircut, ask if getting it thinned out or another cut might help your problem! xoxo 

Kate G.

by fashionista9400 on 8/28/2012 8:43:27 AM


I have super frizzy hair. I can't just get out of the shower and leave the house because my hair is a mess!!! I have tried multiple products that don't work for my hair. Everyday I have to blow dry it and then straighten it or curl it. I have natural wavy hair. Any advice???


Hey chica! Next time you hit the hairstylist for a cut, fill them in.  They might be able to help you find a product that DOES work for you.  If not, head to a beauty store and they might be able to help ya out there! xoxo

Kate G.

by Taylor243 on 8/24/2012 1:14:09 PM


I have slightly wavy red-brown/auburn hair that falls a bit below my shoulders. I was thinking of getting bangs but I have super thick hair, but that's not what I'm worried about. I'm worried that it's going to look strange, you know having straight bangs with wavy hair, especially if it isn't THAT long.


Hey girl! It depends on the kind of wave, so talk to your hairstylist.  He or she will be able to tell ya if you should get some fringe or if you should keep your hair long because of the wave.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by yogageek24 on 8/24/2012 9:08:15 AM


Modmodmod! I have off-black relaxed african american hair and I am turning 12 in september and I want to do something fun with my hair. I want to get auburn highlights in my hair because my hair color looks really dull and boring. How can I talk my mom into it? I want the ones that wash out in a few washes.


Hey chica! Good idea not to do anything too permanent, this should help when convincing your mom! Try approaching your mom and asking her when she has time to talk! If you go to her and have a mature conversation, chances are she'll see how old you're acting and let you! But prepare for her to say no too. If she says no, try not to get to upset about it! Let her know that you understand where she's coming from, but if she changes her mind to let you know! Then after a few months try approaching her again! Good luck with it all and happy early birthday! xoxo

Carly S.

by sasarahsept on 8/22/2012 11:10:52 AM


BLEEEH! please help! My hair is thick and wavy, around 4-6 inches past shoulder length. I can't do anything different to my hair! my hair dresser says that if I cut anymore of my hair, it will puff up like Dora. lol Tong. I try to straighten my hair, but it takes 45 minutes to an hour. I don't know why, but my hair won't curl either. It takes FOREVER and barely works. My hair is also always frizzy, no matter what heat protectants and de frizzers and moisturizer shampoo/conditioner I use. HEEELP! what can I do to fix this???


Hey girlie! Talk to your hairdresser more about what you can do to calm your hair down.  She might be able to give you samples to try out and see what works! xoxo 

Kate G.

by NikkiXD on 8/17/2012 10:26:29 AM


I knew all along that she uses a curling iron. I saw it coming

by peppercyndaquil13 on 8/13/2012 7:25:38 PM


I have dark brown hair that is like 4 inches past shoulder length. My hair style is very plain. I have super straight hair, with no bangs or curls.😔 I really want side bangs, but my mom wont let me get them because of breakouts. I have had this style for YEARS, and now i want a new one. Have any ideas? Anything without bangs, and i dont wanna curl my hair cuz i dont wanna have to do it every morning. I'll do almost anything, i'd even cut my hair for a new style.


Hey chicky! Straight hair looks GREAT in a bob.  Head to your hairdresser and ask what length you think would look best for your face shapee (there's a bob style for almost ANYONE).  They are super easy to maintain and you'll be able to glam is up with cute bobby pins, bright headbands, and fun clips. xoxo 

Kate G.

by Pikachu124 on 8/13/2012 11:49:08 AM


MOD MOD MOD I have very thick, dirty blonde hair with bright blonde highlights. It is naturally wavy. It goes down to my stomach. I never know what to with my hair. I usually just leave it down or put it in a ponytail. I need some hairstyles perfect for it for a party tomorrow. Thanks! :{D

 Hey girl,

Our beauty channel has TONS of great hair ideas Smile Have fun at the party!

Meghan D.

by cupcakek99 on 8/10/2012 8:52:23 PM

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