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How to get guys to stop taking advantage of you

I am 14 and a virgin but, ever since I was 11, I’ve been doing everything except that. It’s with my brother’s friends, who are about...
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umm.... ewww! 14??? 11?!?! omg no!!!! i believe strongly that you are only supposed to "do it" with one person in your your life and not until your married.

by emim88 on 5/28/2013 12:54:20 PM


You can't stop teens from having S E X both guys
AND girls have hormones but I think they should
Be more careful because u might catch a disease
Sex is NOT something to mess around with these tv
Shows about one night stands are so stupid sex is supposed
To be with Someone who cares about you sex is not
Like eating a bag of chips you just don't do it cause u feel
Like it gosh I swear seriously I don't think u have to
Be married but wait for a guy that actually cares about you

by redvelvetluv on 1/11/2013 3:27:18 PM


I completely agree with GL.
It is completely normal to want to have sex with boys and be sexually attracted to them. But the fact is, 14, and definately 11, is WAY too young to be involved in ANY sexual activity even if you haven't "gone all the way." Don't be afraid to stand up to your brother's friends. If they touch you or try and talk you into anything, just say, "No. You guys are pigs and have been taking advantage of me for too long." Also, tell ur brother about wat they've been doing to you. If he's a decent brother they wont be his frends for any longer and he'll support you.
While this is my opinion, many teenagers your age and younger do hook up with older boys. Just no that these boys don't care about you - they only want you for your vagina. I no that that sounds harsh but its a fact.
Sex is something that is meant to be special. If u go around havin sex with every guy that asks then when the right guy comes along, sex isnt going to mean anything to either of you.

by Beach Girl <3 on 1/1/2013 8:13:38 PM


Here's what I would do: Next time one of his friends touches you in a wrong way, karate-kick him in "the area". That back off boys pretty well. Then run to get away from them and hide. You have to run like your worst fear is coming after you. That helps most people.

by wesdelwarrior on 12/22/2012 12:02:08 AM


That's really sad some girls today brag about not being
A virgin they think it's cool and they make fun of girls who are
Virgins 14 IS way way way to young for sex and 11 that's even worse
Your brothers friend abused you telling someone about it would be
The right thing to do because 11 oh my Gosh that's waaaaay to young

by redvelvetluv on 12/21/2012 11:35:48 AM


You are not alone!
There are other people who feel like you. A friend confided in me that she feels used by guys at times because she started doing those things at 12, now she feels bad about it. She keeps doing it though, and I told her she cant want to stop and not want to stop at the same time. Now she has gone farther than you, she says on many occasions, so if I were you I would feel good about yourself and try to stop fooling around with those guys. If you feel you cant stop or really dont want to stop I would try to get on birth control or at least have him wear condoms even if you arent going all the way.

by fashionqn on 12/20/2012 2:18:30 PM


Way to go GL!! Teen girls shouldn't be having sex!! That's something special you should save for your husband! Smile

by RainbowPuke99 on 12/20/2012 1:05:38 PM


Maybe I am old fashion but I am in total agreement with GL. I don't think it was over the top or over dramatic. GL tells it like it is!

by Chloe<3 on 12/20/2012 9:54:26 AM


If you're all underage and it's consensual then it's not abuse lol. Don't go any further until you feel you're ready but tbh the response was a little overdramatic. It's called hooking up and it's something a lot of teenagers do.

by fireworks1071 on 12/19/2012 5:22:19 PM


Oh thts soo sad.
I think I am getting sick. My younger sis has been throwing up, and I am dizzy and have a headache and somewhat of a stomach ache. My mom says I'm pale but I don't have a fever. I would hate to be sick OVER christmas break! Frown Am I sick?


hey girl! well I'm not a doc and I can't see you, but it sounds like you might be coming down with something. Make sure to wash your hands often, keep some distance from your sister and anyone else you know who is sick. Also, drink plenty of tea and fluids, and see if you can take a health supplement like Airborne or Ester-C, which are packed with Vitamin C to help boost your immune system.


Katie L.

by WinnieGirlie on 12/19/2012 3:45:11 PM

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