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10 HOURS AGO Reason #427 why #GLfashbash is going to be amazing this year? This guy πŸ‘‰οΏ½@Spencermusic1c1. See ya on 8/8 in Baltimorepic.twitter.com/UDWNpqFIGSGS

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Take your pick: 4 guys to go for this year

Sigh, the tall, dark and handsome heartthrob of the hallways. Just one flash of the popular kid’s pearly whites leaves your heart aflutter and your knees...
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i just got cut from the basketball team but now there isnt any sports or clubs left and i want to be a part of a group. Any suggestions on what i should do chicas??

by badatbasketball on 1/9/2013 5:46:27 PM


hey um i like this guy and he goes to my school now and like we love to talk to each other but he is my best friend boyfriend i don't know what to do!

by cutiepielover23 on 1/9/2013 10:36:11 AM


um well i like this guy named jabarie but i don't know if he like me back but i am not sure hope so!

by cutiepielover23 on 1/9/2013 10:33:09 AM


The best guy would have the best points of all these guys

by N3rdyRand0mn3ss on 1/8/2013 6:11:50 PM


It would be hard to find a guy with all those qualities so I want one of each. Ill do the artsy guy first, then have one of the others, each one for the different seasons of the year. And I would like to end with the one that I like the best. But I want the one with the hot body for the summer, so I can show him off to my friends at the pool and beach.

by fashionqn on 1/8/2013 5:38:15 PM


I like my crush he used to like me but then he said l was annoying i really like him and he sometimes talks to me but we never see each other except for in the hallways he rides my bus and live in my neighbor hood i need help i reallt like him i have to get him b4 dem stupid girls especially my ex best friend help plz

by mindless_101 on 1/8/2013 7:15:35 AM


When you are also into drama club and such(like I am). You don't need to worry about the drama king's schedule. Smile

by a_school_nerd on 1/7/2013 10:08:32 PM


hi Smile so i like this guy but im not sure if he likes me back. He talks to me a lot and asks me how i am and says hello everytime i see him.we were taking a test and he finished before me and before he got up to turn in his test he put his arm around me and said i know you can do it. then turned in his test came back and did the same thing! What does that mean? Im really confused by him. I followed him on instagram and he allowed me to follow him but didnt follow back... what does that mean? lol im just really confused. What does those two things mean? I really like him and our formal is febuary second so I want to know if it is ok to get closer to him and see if he actually likes me.
Thank you for the help in advance

Hey girl,

It sounds like he likes you at least as a friend, and it was definitely sweet of him to wish you good luck on that test! Maybe he just doesn't use Instagram very much or doesn't want to follow too many people. If your formal is not until February, maybe you could keep getting to know him as friends until then (you'll show him how awesome you are and get a better sense of whether or not he likes you) and then ask him to dance with you when it comes around. Good luck!
Meghan D.

by zobo251 on 1/7/2013 8:05:10 PM


My bf sounds like a alot of those combined

by 27jangirl on 1/7/2013 3:48:42 PM


Hey ladies, it would be so cool if you could check out my club, Style Spy. It's all about fashion, makeup, hair, and style (duhh). We currently have one officer position available, all you have to do is apply and it could totally be you! Thanks! <3

by ACaseOfMistakenIdentity on 1/6/2013 10:30:35 PM

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