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How to deal with a bad kisser

We’ve all been faced with this problem. There’s a guy you really like, but when it comes to the kissing department, he could improve, a lot...
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Hey everyone! I know I'm not a mod but I am I would say pretty good in advice. Please comment on my profile any questions you may have! I will be more then happy to help and will answer very quickly! Please!! Thanks

by MerpQueen08 on 6/4/2013 10:20:17 PM


I like guys to be good kissers but if they arent you need to take control and show them what you like. I think getting nervous could also cause people to not kiss as well as we like it. But the best way is to just tell them, "I like it like this ___". And if he listens and learns he could turn out to be something special. I love guys who want to please and make me happy.

There used to be links in the pink boxes that had great kissing advice, like "how to kiss a man". All of the tips were good, it made me a better kisser.

by fashionqn on 5/23/2013 1:47:42 PM


So this really unpopular special ed guy likes me, and I really don't like him (not discriminating because of popularity, I just don't like him). I guess he decided he thinks I like him, because he's going to the best of his weak ability to flirt with me. I'm getting annoyed with it, to tell the truth. How do I speak the secret language of DON'T like? Remember, I have nothing against him, I just don't like him. Thanks a bunch!


Hey girl! So I would just be pretty direct with him and say you're not interested. Be nice, but don't beat around the bush. You don't want to lead him on. Hope this helps! xx 

Hannah M

by ashbabe567765 on 5/23/2013 2:44:56 AM


I don't know what to do! My friend met this guy at my school (she goes to a different school) for like 5 minutes and they gave eachother their numbers. They barely know eachother and they were texting and he told her that he wanted to "**** her" and when she told him that she has a promise ring, he went on a rant that our religion is stupid and everything. I finally got her to delete him off of facebook, but now she re-added him and he's really not a good guy and is pretty creepy. what do I do if she won't listen to me?


Hey girl- guys are weird all you can do is help your friend out.  Whatever you do it is ultimately her decision but you should tell her that if she is uncomfortable then she needs to do what is best for her.  Tell her she is not "cool" for doing what he wants and that she should wait until she actually loves the person. No matter what happens have her back!

Elizabeth K.

by Blushing-Beauty on 5/19/2013 11:04:20 PM


I am stressed beyond words. I have liked this guy for over two years now. It's horrible. I've talked to him a bit but nothing ever heart to heart. We have a lot in common actually (soccer, church, music.) I know I can't come out fully because he has a girlfriend who is actually very nice. But I really want to be his (closer) friend. Tomorrow we are singing a duet together in choir and I really want to ask him to sing with me at this local talent show. Would it be weird if I did?


Hey sweets,  it would be totes fine to ask him to sing with you at the talent show.  I am sure he would love that especially because you have sang together before.  Just keep in mind that he does have a girlfriend so you do not want to be that girl who gets between them.  

Elizabeth K.

by 25noodles on 5/19/2013 11:02:43 PM


Lol! I dated an awesome kissed a few years ago. But when it Came to French, he got washer machine syndrome o.O

by missykp on 5/19/2013 12:58:27 AM


I just got back from my school's spring dance. My BGF and I ended up slow dancing for 10 minutes there, and all of our friends went to get ice cream afterward. One of our friends convinced him to ask me out, and I said yes. 30 seconds later, we were holding hands for a picture. 30 minutes later, he kissed me on the cheek. 50 minutes later, he said, "I want to kiss you so much right now." My friends were telling him that he was escalating too fast earlier, and after he told me that I told him please don't rush it. So he said, "Okay, maybe tomorrow." We're going to see a movie with his friends tomorrow, and I want to go but not if he's going to try to kiss me. I do want to have a relationship with him, but he's going too fast! He doesn't have a phone and he doesn't check his email on the weekends. Should I go?

Hey girlie,

It's great that your friends want the best for you, but don't let them dictate your love life! If you want to date him or kiss (or not kiss!) him, don't let it be because you want to please them or are afraid of what they'll think. If you want to kiss him, that's up to you! If you don't, that doesn't mean you have to avoid him or not go on your date, especially if you like him! If he does try to kiss you, you can just explain that you want to take things slow in your relationship. If he really likes you, he will respect that and want you to be happy! Have fun tomorrow!

Meghan D.

by BlueStar82 on 5/18/2013 11:05:48 PM


Hey girls! Need help finding outfits for your first day of school or your first date? Just finished cramming the night before and look terrible? Check out Fashion ASAP and get advice on your skin, body, hair, nail how-to's, makeup and awesome outfits here that fit your taste and style! I will help you with your problems ASAP (usually within 24 hours) and you'll receive fabulous answers.

by Emilicious on 5/18/2013 8:17:58 PM


Mod Mod Mod HIDE THIS!
The guy I have a fling with is pressuring me to send him porn over text! I said no once, he kept nagging me and I kept saying no, then he finally send okay, just keep sending me pics of you. I said why I've sent you two and he said because you are beautiful. I said okay I'll send one more and he said okay just make them much better and I said how. He hasn't replied yet. I asked him to send me a pic of him and he said he can't. I've only met him once, and when we met, he seemed like a guy who wouldn't do this. I've been kind of wondering if maybe this isn't him, but a creepy guy who found the note I gave him with my number. I'm scared Frown How do I tell him to stop asking me for those pics?


Hey! I think you should send one more just saying that you don't want to, and if he keeps nagging you, just stop talking to him. This sounds unsafe, and no one should be pressuring you to do this. If he keeps texting you after that. It's time to tell someone. Remember: it's not embarassing to ask for help when you need it. The adults in your life will understand. good luck! 

Helen S.

by hermionegirl12 on 5/18/2013 12:01:21 PM


There is this boy that I like. We talked for a while, but when I told him how I felt, it broke off. Now, we've started texting again, and I told him I didn't like him. We were just texting as friends, but now he's flirting with me. Like, A LOT. What does this mean? Does he like me or not? I'm really confused!


hey! He probably likes you. that doesn't necessarily mean he'll admit it or act on it, but it sounds like he likes you Smile 

Helen S.

by Cal1010 on 5/18/2013 11:49:48 AM

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