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Is he flirting or just teasing?

There’s this boy I’ve liked for a long time. He says he doesn’t like me, but he always jokes around with me. He says he loves...
11 Comments | Add Yours

Mod Mod Mod

I have this friend. Hes really nice and i think me might like me. I have known him for 4 years. And he never payed much attiontion to me but this year he has payed way more attiontion to me. Hes also been flirting, asking my oppinon, trys to prove this to me. Along with saying my name alot so i was wondering if he likes me or if we will be just friends.

Confuleing crush

PS.i have a mhuge crush on him


He might like you! Extra attention is almost always a sign of it. Maybe try flirting with him back and see where it gets you! xoxo kerra  

Kerra S.

by 1D on 7/14/2013 11:56:46 AM


I have this friend his name is Alex and we haven't been good friends in the past the no the first day of camp this year we started hanging out and today he tried to impressing me and he always flirts and the thing is I might have a crush on him. HELP!!!



Hey girl! Stop overthinking!! This guy likes you, and you
like him, so flirt back. Who knows where this could go?

Melissa T.

by 1D on 7/11/2013 4:44:47 PM


MOD.MOD.MOD I have a really big crush on my ex and his little sis knows and likes going through his stuff and he doesn't no and she read his "man journal" and he talked about me and have my school pic's and drawings of me. and then today our fam's hung out and his little sis asked him out for me and he said no I hate her. what I want to no is does he like me or really hate me


Hey girlie, I'm sure he doesn't really hate you. But he might not like you either. The journal entries that his sister found might have been from when you were still together. Just try to be friends for right now. That way you're not losing him completely, and there's always the chance that something more could happen.

Lauren T.

by 1D on 7/7/2013 6:52:14 PM


I have this guy friend, and all of my other friends say that we would be really cute together. They say he must like me because he won't hang out after school unless I'm going too. And sometimes he hints about "looking like we we're dating" or "if he wanted to hold my hand." I like him, and I'm beginning to think he likes me too, but whenever he makes hints like that, I get nervous and kind of shut him down. I tell him "no, it doesn't matter if we look like we're dating" and "no, you don't have to hold my hand." Will he think I don't like him? What do I do?


Hey girl! Lucky you! Try to be flirty back, or agree with
him when he says that it looks like you’re dating (a simple, “Yeah, it kinda
does!” and a shy smile will do the trick). Try not to shut him down too much,
or he’ll back off! Good luck!


Melissa T.

by eternaldreamer on 7/2/2013 3:33:54 PM


MOD MOD MOD! i have like this one guy for almost a year, i confessed to him once, but he turned me down(this was four months ago) it was weird for the next few weeks then we just started to talk more and laugh, goof around in our summer sport camp. now my friend (call her Liz) told me that the guy i like likes me(says one of Liz's guy friends also in swim). what i don't know what to do is to ask him out again or just wait till summer's over. i'll see him frequently over the summer because of swim and marching band. Liz says i have a chance & that "This is the summer to let stuff go. embrace the fear" but i don't know if i should and risk the chance that he'll say thank you, but no or go for it. So, what do you think?


Hey girlie, since he's turned you down once, let him make the first move this time. You don't want to make things weird again when he's told you he doesn't like you. Let Liz tell her guy friend to tell this guy that he has to make the move this time if he likes you.

Lauren T.

by artist444 on 7/1/2013 7:19:49 PM


Ok so me and my mom went to my older sisters and her finances apartment
for dinner and my sisters finances mom and brother where there I first just wanna start off by saying my sisters finance brother never talks to me maybe a hi but usually he'll say hi to my parents but ignore me or if there's a party he talks to everyone else but me anyway as him and his mom were leaving he hugged my sister and my mom and then he started getting closer to me I started backing away but he was like a hug? and just hugged me it was so akward and I was stunned because he's never hugged me before let alone talked to me and he kept looking over at me almost the whole time I was there I'm confused what's going on?


Hey redvelvetluv, mhmm he may like you girly. It may not even be in a romantic way, he could've been just expressing his desire to be your friend. The question is, how do you feel about him? Xoxo Smile

Lynae P.

by redvelvetluv on 6/30/2013 10:28:33 PM


I love guys ok but I can never seem to talk to them, I just blush and walk away and they give me weird looks.

by popgirl79 on 6/30/2013 11:07:32 AM



In our school they have an outdoor education program, (basically summer camp, but you learn school stuff, but OUTSIDE!!) and, all the schools in the province came. It was held at a summer camp. Everyday, I would wake up, me and my friend, really early and play soccer. Well, this other guy did too. (turns out he's my best friends friend.) I totally fell for him...and my friend let's call her Jorja, says he likes me...but my best friend says he has never liked anyone before!! I mean he's 13, don't most 13 year olds have crush's by now? But he always stared at me, smiled, and picked me first to be on his team!! Is it all in my imagination? Do you think he has feelings for me? I'm seeing him in 13 days...yes I'm counting...he's so sweet, and smart and innocent!! What do I do when I see him? Do you think he likes me? How do I act around him??!!?? HELP!!!!


Hey! Basically, just treat him like you would any friend. Share your thoughts with him and encourage him to do the same. Ask him how his weekend was or if he's been checking out any good music or movies or books or games recently. Once you guys start communicating openly your friendship will be natural and it will take a lot of the pressure off to "make" something happen. Good luck girl!  

Helen S.

by JewelsDarling on 6/27/2013 8:35:34 PM


i like this guy a lot and i see him more then once a week and when i do i sometimes catch him staring at me and he gives me a raised eyebrow look when i see him and its almost every time and when ever he helps me with something his friends stare at us and maybe if im lucky i catch him giving them a thumbs up and once i asked what he was doing and he gave me a half smile and stare right into my eyes and said "oh nothing" most of my friends says he is flirting with me and we carpool with him a lot what does all this mean...does he like me back?




Hey chica! This guy def seems into you, especially since his friends seem to be in on it. But there's no real way to know for sure unless you talk it out. Start being flirty with him and see what happens. If he's not interested, he'll back off. But if he is, he'll get your hints and probably make a move. Good luck!



Julie H.

by sophieee2629 on 6/27/2013 11:05:44 AM


MODMODMOD! i have this close guy friend who I think is into me, but I'm not sure. But, I'm really thinking because he's always showing hints, like for example, last friday: we were playing a game and he ran up to me because he would touch our base and his eye wandered through my mouth and he's o unfocused that he ALMOST kissedme infront of our teacher, and yesterday, when I wa shouting that it was too cold, he gave me his jacket and then a while ago, he gave me his chocolate to me. :3 He also always find ways to touch me he's always touching my hand or legs to legs or smelling my hair and always picking me as a group mate. So, whatdo you think?



Hey girlie! The way you describe your BGF's behavior definitely sounds flirty, but there haven't been any sure signs yet. So if you're looking to turn the friendship into romance, send some hints of your own and see how he reacts before you assume he's crushing. If you wanna keep it at "just-friends" status, there's no need to do anything at all. Your guy friend hasn't made a move yet, and you might be confusing friendliness for flirtiness! So stay chill and continue the friendship as usual. Hope this helps!



Julie H. Julie H.

by ilovetaylorswiftyahaveaproblem? on 6/27/2013 5:51:44 AM

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