Silly arguments that every couple has

Everyone fights with their bae once in awhile. From “Can I have my sweatshirt back?” to “Why do we always have to watch this?” bickering is a totally normal part of  relationship—especially during this time of year. It’s important to remember that most of these fights are unnecessary, and letting them escalate is just silly. At a certain point, you need to remember that you care about each other, and that’s all that matters! 

Have you ever had one of these fights with your sweetie?

“Billy *likes* you!”

He could simply be helping his lab partner with her bio homework, but you'd assume the worst. He'll do the same when you're innocently studying with your BGF for your social studies test. He thinks your BGF likes you, you think his lab partner likes him, and you always end up in a vicious cycle of "No he doesn’t!" and "Yes she does!” But what’s the argument here? How perfect and loveable the other is? As long as you trust each other, there’s nothing to worry about!

“Where do you want to eat?” “Idk.”

Both of you claim to "not care" where you eat, yet every suggestion the other makes gets a "meh" reaction. He wants Mexican food? You had Chipotle for lunch. You want sushi? He hates fish. To avoid: just accept the fact that you will probably order a pizza and move on. 

“You're not playing fair!”

Playing video games or board games with your sweetie can sometimes get out of hand. Competitive natures come out, and you can see people at their lowest point—yelling at them across the Monopoly board for snatching up one of your hotels. Honestly, just never play Monopoly with anyone. It starts out all fun and games, and then the world descends into anarchy...

“I love Taylor Swift and if you loved me you would love her too.”

Certain things—artists, bands, TV shows, books—are so important to us it makes our chests ache. If you’re a Potterhead, your bae better be prepared to watch a lot of Harry Potter movies. If they watch every soccer game they can find on TV, you’ll have to watch a few of those games too. As long as the both of you are respectful to one another’s interests, then there shouldn’t be a problem! (Although if they hate Harry Potter, you might want to reevaluate.)

“I don’t want to watch that.”

You: “Want to watch Stranger Things?” 
Bae: “We agreed I'd pick this time.” 
You: “So, you don’t want to watch Stranger Things...?” 

This one can get ugly. The next show you decide to watch might take up hours—even days—of your life, so both of you have to enjoy it. But if you set up a schedule of who gets to pick what, it's possible you can avoid the horrid battle of the Netflix. 

“Who is that?!”

With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all the other apps out there, it can make both parties in a relationship a little paranoid. You'll think: "Why did that girl I've never heard of just like his Instagram photo from three weeks ago? Who did he just send a Snapchat to?" Friendly reminder: Fights like these usually aren't productive.

Have you ever had any of these silly fights with your S/O? Let us know in the comments!

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by Amy Garcia | 11/28/2016