How to find the song to describe your relationship

*Queue Taylor Swift's "Our Song"*

Finding the song that perfectly describes your relationship with your significant other can be a pretty big deal. This will be the song that you two can blast in the car and sing at the top of your lungs. It's even bigger than that, though. It can also help you guys get through a rough patch and to help remember all of the good times you and bae have shared.

Don't know where to start? Here are a few things to remember when choosing the perfect song.

Make sure both of you love the song
The song can’t just be perfect for you or your significant other, it has to be a tune that both of you enjoy. You guys aren’t in a relationship by yourselves. If that was the case, then every song that you and him/her relate to would be the perfect song...and that would be a lot of songs.

Don't make it stressful
Have fun with it! There’s no point in stressing over this or rushing the process. Sometimes the song will find you guys instead of y’all finding it.

You might not expect it
When I found the song for my past relationship, I was watching So You Think You Can Dance. A few dancers were getting ready to perform when the music started, and I sat frozen in place, looking at my TV. At that moment, I knew that the song was it. I let my boyfriend listen to it as soon as possible and he fell in love with it *right* away. Right then and there we agreed to make it our song.

You can have more than one
If there’s more than one song that describes your relationship, try and narrow it down to two so that way you guys can flip a coin on it. If that doesn’t work, you guys can either make a mashup of the songs or make a medley playlist of the songs you like on Spotify. That way, everyone is happy!

How did you and *your* bae find your song? Tell us in the comments below!


by Nicole Eggleston | 6/30/2018