How to catch your crush's eye in the halls this school year

Have you been thinking about a certain cutie all summer? Or, more *specifically*, about all the flirting opps you'll get once you're back in hallways with them? Sometimes it can be hard to figure out the *perf* way to approach someone you like, especially when it's been so many months since you've last laid your eyes on him or her! We’ve included some advice on how to put yourself out there once you inevitably return to school.

Pick a first day look that makes you feel both comfortable and confident 

If you want to make a great impression, a back-to-school outfit that's completely you is what you need! Whether you choose to look sporty, chic, or totally laid back, put some extra thought into your look and go all out with the little details—things like perfume, layered necklaces and cute bracelets make all the difference.

Remember that going back to school means a new beginning

If you aren't sure if your crush knows your name, introduce yourself! And if they do know it, you’ll just bring yourself to their attention which *definitely* isn’t a bad thing!

When you start a convo, actually listen

So maybe soccer camp isn't your idea of a summer well-spent, but if that how your crush soaked up the sun over the past few months, set aside your nerves, open up your ears and listen to them. Relationships are built on communication, so if you can't offer that to your crush then let's just say the love train will never leave the station.

Ask if he wants to sit together at lunch

The cafeteria can be a great place to catch up! With all the buzz going on around you, others won't be paying attention to you and your crush or your convo, making it feel the *slightest bit* private. You two aren't in the same lunch period? Ask if he/she wants to grab a smoothie or ice cream after school.

Be yourself

Even if this means acting quirky or funny, you'll catch his attention! You want your crush to like you for you, right?

How do you catch your crush's eye?! Share your tips in the comments below! 

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by Ellie Pesetsky | 9/7/2018