Can I be friends with my ex?

Well, the easy answer is: Yes, you can be friends with your ex. The more difficult response? It all depends on what type of person you are and how things ended. But if you can follow the four tips below, you have a good chance of rekindling a friendship with someone who once meant so much to you. 

Give it time.
A day or two after your break up is not the time to ask you ex if he wants to be friends. It can take some time for the both of you to become open to the idea of friendship (even if you think you're ready), and that's just fine. At the end of the day, don't rush it. 

Don't dwell. 
It’s important to learn that things in the past are there for a reason—they’re behind you. If you cannot move on, then you might have some serious feelings attached and you should talk them out with someone (your ex, your sister, your parents, your therapist). You’ll feel better if you do! 

Take a second chance. 
People change, right? We’re not saying to get back together with her, but friendship-wise, you could let go of what happened that make you two end things for the sake of cordiality. Maybe she messed up before, but we all learn from our mistakes. 

Be civil.
No one likes dirty looks, eye rolls or awkward tension, so ditch those bad vibes ASAP and hope your former flame can do the same. This is *especially* true if you two share friends. If they don’t want hard feelings, neither should you. 

Don't be a hater.
Harboring hard feelings is not fun, so just be as kind as you possibly can and the world will return the favor!

Do you think you can be friends with an ex? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below

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by Ellie Pesetsky | 8/11/2017