What to say when you *finally* see your crush IRL

After spring's online classes and summer's social distancing, you *finally* get to see your crush in person. They're just as dreamy as you remember. But after spending so much time away from people, your flirt game is a little rusty. Worried about what to say? We've got you covered! Here's our best advice to snag bae's attention IRL.

A little compliment goes a long way

Whether you think their mask is rad or you like their art on IG, a compliment is a great conversation starter. Just make sure you really mean what you say—you don't want to come off as inauthentic. If your crush simply says, "Thanks," but you want to keep the convo flowing, follow up with some questions to show your interest.

Ask about their summer

This Q might seem like a bummer since most of our plans were canceled, but a lot of people found ways to make their stay-at-home time fun. Maybe your crush learned to bake bread or cut their own bangs. Or they binge-watched all their childhood faves on Disney+. Whatever the case, asking about their summer is an easy way to find out more about their interests. You might even have some in common.

Follow up on your virtual convos

If you're already pals with your crush, you were prob messaging them regularly this summer. Don't let those convos go to waste. Reference the funny meme they DMed you last week, or discuss the latest book from the author you both love. No matter the subject, bringing the virtual IRL is an easy way to continue the connection with your crush.

There's always common ground

AKA school. If you have classes together, lament the latest difficult assignment during passing period. Or ask about their experience with a club you're thinking of joining. You can even invite them to a socially distant study date. As long as you're both in school, there will always be a relatable common ground between the two of you.

Don't go over the top

It's tempting to want to chat with your cutie all day. After all, you just spent forever apart from one another. But you might run the risk of coming on too strong, especially if you bring up deets you learned while stalking their socials. You can show your crush you're interested without feeling pressured to chat at every chance. Plus, you'll need time to catch up with your besties too.

Crushes are fun to have, but they're not worth major stress. As long as you and your crush show genuine interest in one another, you should have *plenty* to talk about.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/3/2020