This boy made the Google Doc super awkward...

"I got assigned to do a group project with my crush Lucas and another guy in my class named Jordan. I was sooo excited to get to know Lucas better and asked if he'd want to FaceTime to go over the project. He said yes (squee!). 

We were on FaceTime going into the notes when I opened up the Google Doc that Jordan had started. I guess Lucas didn't realize I'd been added...because he was in the doc chatting with Jordan about how annoying I was and how he didn't understand why I'd asked him to FT but was going along with it to be nice. Let's just say I got off the call right away—and asked my teacher to switch me to another group!" - Mia S. 

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.


by GL | 1/28/2021