Get major Halloween inspo from your old fave tv shows

With big budgets, creative teams of hair and makeup artists and a wardrobe department that can work miracles, TV shows have quite an advantage when it comes to crafting the perfect Halloween looks. But just because you’re watching at home doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by some of these iconic small-screen costumes.

Hanna Marin as Marilyn Monroe in Pretty Little Liars
A show with as many twists, turns and mysterious happening as PLL was bound to embrace the Halloween special as their time to shine—and they did! One of the best costumes came in season 3 episode 13, “This Is a Dark Ride,” which had Hanna Marin (played by Ashley Benson) dress up as Marilyn Monroe to go on the Rosewood Halloween Ghost Train. With a short blonde wig, a little white dress and a makeup beauty mark, you too could pull off this icon’s timeless look.


Maya Hart and Riley Matthews as a Steampunk Circus in Girl Meets World

Fans can agree Girl Meets World left the air way too soon. The Boy Meets World spinoff celebrated being quirky and unique, sentiments that are reflected in the creative costumes the cast dons in the 11th episode of season 1, “Girl Meets World: Of Terror.” Played by Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard, besties Maya and Riley combine the circus with steampunk to make costumes that are as original as they are enviable. Quick question: where can we get those sparkly shorts (asking for a friend)?


Tori Vega, Jade West and Cat Valentine as Wizard of Oz characters in Victorious

There were plenty of memorable costumes on Victorious, which followed a group of friends at fictional high school Hollywood Arts, but they especially got creative for their Halloween-esque April Fools special, season 3 episode 7: “April Fools Blank.” Ariana Grande with red hair triggers major nostalgia for her Sam & Cat days. Alongside Victoria Justice as Tori and Elizabeth Gillies as Jade, the trio are a perfect take on the classic characters from Oz. Note that Tori’s rocking a pink shirt and jeans under a tutu—a great option for those who don’t want to wear a dress.



Peyton List as ‘SuperFashionWoman’ in Jessie

Peyton List played the spoiled-but-fashionable Emma Ross on Jessie, so her costume in episode 18 of the 4th season, “The Ghostess with the Mostess,” makes sense. As she declares in the episode, she’s ‘SuperFashionWoman,’ “faster than an airport mani-pedi, more powerful than a platinum charge card.” Emma’s look is *all* about the details. Not only are there credit cards attached to her outfit and hair, but her eyeliner wings form dollar signs. Talk about commitment to the character!



Which of these costumes do you want to steal the most? Drop a line in the comments!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 10/29/2019