4 summer journal prompts to get your thoughts flowing

Whether you can't survive without your diary or haven't journaled a day in your life, summer is a perfect time to pick up (or refresh) a new habit. Not sure where to start? First rule: Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Journaling is supposed to be relaxing, remember? As for what you're writing, keep reading for some summer-inspired prompts to get your thoughts flowing.

1. How is this summer different from years past?
Some deep reflection is a surefire way to get started. So let's compare—is this your best summer yet, or would you give anything to go back to summer 2018? Why is that? How has life changed since last summer? Are you a fan of this change, or is it scary? Unpack all the feels.

2. Finish this sentence: "This summer, I'm going to _________."
Summer is a fresh start, so let's set some intentions. You can choose to complete this sentence in a big or small way. Are you going to work hard at babysitting so you can save up for a new phone? Are you going to try to be more present and practice more gratitude? What's your reasoning behind tackling these goals? What do you hope the outcome will be at the end of the summer?

3. What song are you really connecting with these days?
Music can reveal so much about a particular time in your life—so what song do you find yourself constantly adding to the queue? Why do you think you're so drawn to the song? Does it boost your mood? Help you to feel centered? Is it a way for you to let your emotions out? 

4. Finish this sentence: "By the time summer is over, I hope ________."
While you want to try and live in the moment, there's nothing wrong with looking ahead to the future—especially with a goal in mind. Your hope can be personal (ex: "I hope I'll have made tons of memories.") or more outward-focused (ex: "I hope my crush knows how much I care about them," or "I hope my family has done our part to limit single-use plastic use."). You can even use this prompt every time you journal (either changing up the ending or keeping it the same) to keep your goals in mind. 

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by Riley Yates | 7/30/2022