Cute ways to decorate your locker for the holidays


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This Christmas crafting project is sure to have you stand out at school, and your friends won’t have any trouble finding you in the crowded halls anymore. Give your boring locker some holiday cheer with these winter-esque decoration ideas. Act fast and get them up before break!


  • 1_wrappingpaper.jpg

    Wrapping paper is always an easy go-to décor idea for lockers, and to make it holiday themed all you need to do is find Christmas- or Hanukkah-patterned paper. Whether it’s snowflakes, stars, Santa, or snowmen, you can tape this cute paper to the outside or inside of your locker.

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  • 2_rug.jpg

    If you’re already a big locker decorator, you may have seen this idea before- covering the floor of your locker with a small square of carpet or a rug. Now that it’s December, we suggest switching the shag for snow…fake snow, of course. You can buy “snow blankets” for cheap at any Wal-Mart or Target, and put one in the bottom of your locker for a cozy, seasonal vibe.

    Fake Snow, $8,

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  • 3_snowflakes.jpg

    These flowers are so pretty, but also so spring. Transform your locker to a winter wonderland and replace your normal stick-ons and magnets with homemade paper snowflakes.

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  • 4_lockerhooks.jpg

    Ever wondered why you need all of those hooks at the top of your locker? To hang decorations, obviously! Trees aren’t the only place for ornaments—with a long hook, Christmas balls will give your locker a festive feel. Candy canes are cute to hang too, or mistletoe if you’re feeling daring.

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by Cheyenne Dermody | 2/1/2016