5 earth-friendly ways to recycle your tee


OK, so you’re totally down with going green—but have you ever tried upcycling? It’s basically taking old, unused items and making them into something with better quality, use, and value that isn’t harmful to the environment. So in honor of Earth Day (April 22), we're encouraging you to keep those old tee's and turn them into something inspiring, creative and eco-friendly. Here's 5 rad DIYs you'll totally want to make.


  • 1_bag.png

    Cool and colorful produce bags

    How cute are these?! By cutting up and re-sewing bright t-shirts, you can create a more eco-friendly way to shop for your fruits and veggies (that way you can say goodbye to plastic bags for good).

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  • 2_pillow.png

    Woven throw pillow

    This DIY requires a little more skill and patience, but the outcome is totally worth it. A handmade pillow with woven t-shirt strands is so unique and a really cool addition to any bedroom.

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  • 3_bangles.png

    Wrapped and stacked bangles

    Who knew that you could make gorgeous jewelry from old tees? Simply wrap strips of fabric around a bangle and knot the end. Incredibly easy and perfect for any summer festival or concert you plan on attending.

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  • 4_rug.png

    Crazy shag rug

    Step into something new with this cozy-between-your-toes rug. Made completely out of t-shirts, we love that you can get creative, use any color combo ya want, plus it totally makes a super cool addition to any room. And don't worry––this is WAY easier to make than you think, so give it a try. 

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  • 5_headband.png

    Retro headband

    Throw those bangs back with a recycled t-shirt headband wrap. They're the perf item to throw in your backpack for when your hair doesn't want to work with ya or for those days you're just so darn hot after gym class––not to mention you can make this baby in under 5 minutes (score!).

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by Brittany Goers | 2/1/2016