Fortune Telling Sleepover

No one knows for sure what the future holds, but you and your BFFs can have a lot of fun trying to figure it out.

We’ve got some tips for hosting a fortune telling slumber party that’ll have you and you girlies making predictions way past bedtime!

Setting the Mood

Transform your house into a mysterious fortune teller’s den with the help of lighting and decorations. Turn the lights low and use lots of candles. The flickering on the walls will be totally cool and super-spooky! Use scarves or any light fabric to cover tables and add a pretty touch to the windows. You can even drape one over a lampshade to make some colorful but dim light (just make sure the fabric is flame retardant and OK to use near something hot!). Hit up the dollar store for streamers and balloons in dark hues like black, navy blue or purple. Scatter teensy moons and stars or sparkles that'll glitter in the mysterious glow.

Dress the Part

Don’t forget to decorate yourselves, too! Get inspired by the gypsy look and have your guests get all decked out in funky garb and makeup. Some of our style suggestions? Try layers, flowing skirts, airy blouses, lots of gems 'n' jewelry, bandanas, scarves…maybe even an eye patch to really seal the deal!

Stellar Snacks

It’s not a party without some food, so set up a table with a crystal ball as the centerpiece. Any sort of white or transparent ball will work fine. Use cookie cutters in the shape of stars and moons for everything from little sandwiches to Jello jigglers. Make a big batch of punch and set it up in a mysterious cauldron. What's for dessert? Fortune cookies, of course!

Seeing the Future

For a fun activity, have your guests make and decorate their own paper fortuneteller or their very own crystal balls. You can put them to good use at the party and have them as a fun souvenir, too. For a real trip to the other side, whip out a Ouija board to summon spirits. Get a few fraidy cats in the bunch? Try calling out to the spirits of funny, make-believe characters. If you can hear me SpongeBob Squarepants, make the TV turn on and off one time!

Other neat ideas? Pick up a pack of tarot cards at a local store and take turns playing fortune teller to each friend. Or, buy a book of horoscopes, read ‘em out loud and try to make predictions based on what the ‘scopes say. Slip some homemade fortunes or predictions into balloons Have each guest pick and pop one for a fun surprise!

-Gabrielle Martin


by GL | 2/1/2016