25 crazy truths 'n' dares you've gotta try this summer

Think you’ve done every truth or dare in the book? Think again! These babies will keep your besties on their toes all night long. Get ready for a long night of secret-sharing and totally ridiculous challenges and questions.

DARE Go up to a random guy and tell him you love him.

TRUTH Tell us about the strangest dream you've ever had.

DARE  Do whatever someone wants you to do for a day. 

TRUTH Have you ever had a crush on your BGF?

DARE Dance like a cowboy in the street.

TRUTH What’s the meanest and nicest thing you've ever done?

DARE Steal a hot guy’s boxers.

TRUTH What’s one word you would use to describe the first person you kissed? 

DARE Eat a whole hot pepper.

TRUTH Have you ever talked naughty to your boyfriend or crush?

DARE Post an embarrassing photo of yourself on Instagram.

TRUTH What question are you most afraid of being asked and why?

DARE Wear your bra on top of your shirt for an hour.

TRUTH If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

DARE Kiss a stuffed animal like it's your crush.

TRUTH What is your guiltiest guilty pleasure?

DARE Text your crush a flirty message.

TRUTH Who’s your female celeb crush?

DARE Call a random person in your contacts and pretend to be their BF.

TRUTH If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

DARE Dye your hair a crazy color.

TRUTH Have you ever had a crush on an older guy? Who was it?

DARE Cut a strand of your hair while blindfolded.

TRUTH What’s your deepest darkest secret?

DARE Sneak into a boys' room at night and give him a fabulous over-the-top make


by GL | 6/27/2018