Sleepover survival secrets: What to do when you're homesick

You’re at your bestie’s house, just chilling. Your afternoon gossip sesh turns into a pizza run. Before you know it, your friend's asking you to stay the night and of course, you say yes. But hours later, you’re in total freak-out mode. You miss your bed, your parents, even you’re annoying little bro popping his head into your room to say goodnight. What’s a girl to do?

No worries, girl! We’re here to help. Kick the homesick blues with our sleepover survival secrets…

Pack right

Bring everything you need from home – your pillow, fave PJs, a stuffed animal. And if a slumber party pops up out of the blue? Take a break to go home to pick up your stuff, or ask mom and dad to make a delivery.

Think positive

Instead of stressing about everything that could go wrong, focus on the fab things the night has in store, like how you’re totally gonna get the scoop on the hottie that just moved in next door.

Out of sight…

Out of mind! Don’t think about what you’re missing at home. Yeah, Family Movie Friday is fun, but we’re betting a sleepover with your BFFs won’t be a bore in comparison.

Get comfy

If it takes time for you to get used to being in a new place, hang at your friend's house during the day a couple of times before you agree to a sleepover.

Keep an open mind

Your bestie’s parents are totally cool with you two snacking on chicken fingers, but your mom would freak if she found out how much soda you were downing. Take a chill pill! Each family works differently, from house rules to nightly traditions and chores.

Bring a backup

Toss a book or your iPod into your overnight bag…just in case you can’t fall asleep. Why lay awake moaning and groaning about your insomnia when you could polish off the page-turner?

Phone home

Still freaking? Use your cell or borrow the home phone to dial your parents’ digits. Nobody will think you’re a baby for needing to chat with mom or dad before heading to dreamland.

Invite ‘em over

Still can’t get over the homesickness? Have your first few sleepovers at your own house so that you can get more comfortable spending so much time in the company of your friends before acclimating to a new scene.

How did your first sleepover go? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credit: The Star


by Erin Miller | 2/1/2016