5 steps to throw a party...without stressing out!

We’ve all been there: You begged your mom to let you have a party, you invited your girls (and maybe that cutie from English who you’ve been crushing on), made some treats and now it’s party day and you’re stressed to the max. The food isn’t ready, the living room’s a mess and everyone is supposed to show up in an hour...yikes! Follow these simple steps to #stressless and have a party that everyone will be talking about. 

Plan ahead.
Before you even send out the first invite, sit down with your parents and plan out all the details. While it may seem super annoying at first, you’re going to be glad you did when you have a million things to do the night before the party. Plan out what food you’re going to be making, how many guests you anticipate coming, when you’re going to clean and even what playlists you want to play. Having everything all written out will motivate you to get it done on time, and keep you on track. 

Be realistic.
While it would be amazing to make every delish recipe you find on Pinterest, that would take way too much time. Instead, choose a few delicious but easy recipes that will wow your guests. Get easy appetizers like chips and dip or veggie trays from the grocery store. You could even turn your bash into a potluck, and ask everyone to bring their favorite treats.  

DIY is your friend.
If you’re a babe on a budget (don’t worry, we are too!), DIY-ing your decos will save you major cash. Make cute tassel garlands, glitter balloons, and Insta-worthy backdrops and use things you have around your house to amp up the party vibes for free. Find your stash of Christmas lights for a twinkly feel or glam up the food table with your mom’s stockpile of fake flowers. 

Enlist your squad.
Throwing the shindig of the century is a job that may be too large for one girl. Text your girlies and invite them over for a party set-up sesh. Make the food that can be prepared ahead of time, have them help you hang balloons and put together a dance-worthy playlist. You’ll get ready in half the time and you’ll have fun doing it. 

Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. 
The most important part of a party is having fun! Your guests aren’t going to notice if you didn’t have time to make that extra batch of cupcakes or that you didn't get the chance to blow up all 50 balloons. Instead, they’re going to be showering you with compliments for a fun party. So, once your crew arrives, take a step back and’ve earned it. 

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Photo credit: Instagram.


by Maddie McGee | 6/12/2018