Slay your next sleepover with these boredom busters

Throwing a slumber party soon and need some fresh, fun things to do? Well, look no further! Here are some DIY activities that will keep the party going and make it a night to remember for *all* of your besties.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt
If you're part of a selfie-loving squad, make a list of themed pictures that you and your guests have to take, and whoever finishes first, gets dibs on picking the night's movie. Bonus: Snapchat as you go so you can follow each others' progress.

Toss and Talk Ball
This activity is the perfect way to get to know a new friend a little better or break the ice at a sleepover. Write a bunch of convo starters like “What would you do with one million dollars?” or “Tell us your most embarrassing moment” on a beach ball. Then have everyone sit in a circle, toss the ball to each other and whatever question your right index finger lands on, you answer.

Fab Photo Booth
Print out enlarged emojis and collect other cute props from around the house, like some old sunglasses or a feather boa, and set up a photo booth. Take tons of pics to remember the night and ask everyone to post them on Insta, too, so you can all see them.

Tie Dye Tees
Create a tie dye zone in your house, complete with plain white pillow cases, T-shirts or socks—or you can ask your guests to bring something that they want to tie dye. Have a bunch of bright colors on hand and go crazy.

Spa-mazing Station
Host a spa night with your girls—give each other mani-pedis or try making your own face masks with plain yogurt, juice from an orange slice and a little bit of aloe for a relaxing night in.

Popcorn Bar
Make your movie night even *more* perfect with a popcorn bar. Set up a row of toppings (think M&Ms, chocolate squares, gummy bears, cinnamon, nuts, marshmallows, even cheddar cheese powder) and let your friends create their own bag of popcorn to munch on.

What are your best sleepover games and activities? Share below! 

Photo credit: Pinterest.


by Frannie Rooney | 11/17/2018