How to host the *perfect* homecoming pre-party

You have the perfect night planned for the once-a-year homecoming dance that allows you to get all dolled up, dance the night away and maybe even impress that cute boy you’ve been crushing on since the first day of school. And you’ve got the dress, the shoes, the makeup and the friends...but there's still one thing missing: the pre-party, obvs! Below are our top tips for a get-ready sesh with your squad that will make the night *even* better.

Beautify your besties.
What’s better than getting ready with your girlfriends? Before the festivities really start invite your closest besties over to get glammed up. Be sure to have your hair accessories and makeup laid out in the master bathroom of the house so it feels like you’re in a real beauty closet.

Deck the halls.
Lights, lights, and more lights. And we mean the twinkling decorative lights that give every room a gorgeous glow, aka the perfect background for pre-homecoming pictures with your best friends. Then pick a color scheme and stick to it (we like the elegant combo of cream, champagne and pale pink hues). Get cups and flowers and classy streamers or balloons to jazz up the place.

Perfect your playlist.
Before your guests arrive, make sure you have some party songs picked out and ready to play on shuffle until you’re ready to go show your dance moves on the dance floor. Blast some Demi Lovato “Sorry Not Sorry” and get pumped for the rest of your night with your gals.

Make some mocktails.
Obviously no alcohol should be served at this pre party, but celebratory sips are a definite must. Serve some sparkling cider or a find a fun little mocktail recipe on Pinterest, like these rainbow sherbet floats. Bonus: Decorate personalized glasses before the party starts so your friends can take home a cute little party favor.

Eat up.
You’re about to spend hours on the dance floor with your best friends, which mean you’re going to need some energy. A quick and easy food option to serve your guests is mini sandwich sliders or pinwheels (try these bacon cheddar roll-ups, for example). You want something filling but you also want to serve your guests something they can eat while wearing fancy dresses and that doesn't require a lot of cleanup. Remember, too, that you can never go wrong with a veggie tray. Put one of these platters out on the center table and or try mini cups filled with dips and veggies so guests can carry them around. 

What do you do before the homecoming dance? Share in the comments! 


by Emily Stephenson | 9/20/2017