How to plan the perfect springtime picnic for your squad

Warm weather, fresh flowers and much-needed sunshine are making a comeback—and we're *so* ready for it. 

Our fave way to welcome spring is by planning the *perfect* springtime picnic. Picnicking is the best way to get outside, hang with your besties and take the cutest pics. Here's our go-to guide for planning the most perfect, Insta-worthy picnic of the year.

Find the perfect spot


The key to planning the perfect picnic is finding the right spot. First, you should decide what vibes you're going for. Do you want a nice view of the sunset, or a spot looking over the city? If you don't want to adventure too far, you can also have a backyard picnic—it's easily accessible, and you won't have to worry if you forget anything! 

Our fave places to host Pinterest-perfect picnics are in botanical gardens, waterfront parks and spacious local parks (with plenty of green grass and sunshine!). 

Plan and prep your food

There's no such thing as perfect picnic food, but your fave springtime meal *does* exist. Decide whether you want to go simple or get creative and if you want to have a full meal or stick to the snacks. 

If you're super hungry, you can order to-go foods from your fave deli or restaurant. If you want to get creative, you can create the cutest cheese board, bake yummy cookies or mini-cakes and in-season fruits and veggies. (Tip: head to your local farmer's market for the freshest foods perfect for a picnic.)

Plan your outfits

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If you're like us, then you'll definitely be turning your picnic into an IG-worthy photoshoot. We suggest planning your outfit ahead of time (especially with your location). For a picnic in the flower gardens, channel your inner cottagecore with a floral cotton mini skirt and a ruffled white top. For a picnic in the city, pair pastel plaid pants with a coordinating top for the perfect monochromatic color scheme.  

Know *exactly* what to bring

After you've figured out what foods and drink you'll be bringing with you, you'll need to make sure you pack *all* the essentials. Here's our list for our perfect picnic must-haves: 

- Food (duh!)

- Picnic basket

- Plates, utensils and cups

- Picnic blanket or tablecloth

- Sunglasses and/or a hat

- Camera (for capturing all the mems)

- Bluetooth speaker

Keep it simple

Our biggest tip for planning the perfect springtime picnic is to keep it simple. Wear whatever outfit inspires you (and matches the weather), bring your fave foods and make the best memories with your BFFs! 


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by Allie Lijewski | 3/23/2021