The ultimate guide to hosting a Mamma Mia! themed party

Raise your hand if Mamma Mia! is your go-to comfort movie...

While a trip to Donna's hotel in Greece might not be happening for us anytime soon (and trust us, we check out plane tickets to Greece pretty much every day) you can bring the dancing queen vibes right to your own house with a Mamma Mia! themed party. Whether you're celebrating a "young and sweet" birthday or a themed karaoke night, we've planned the *ultimate* Mamma Mia!-themed get together.

The decorations 

It wouldn't be Mamma Mia! without a bright and cheerful color scheme. We paired bright blue with hot pink to match the movie cover, but orange and green would totally work, too. If you're hoping for a simple, yet effective design, spruce up your space with pink flower arrangements and blue and silver balloons. If you want to go all out with your decorations, cut streamers to make a colorful door-entry to your party. Take it up another notch by purchasing blue and white designed dishes to serve food on. Don't forget fairy lights, tapestries and novelty items for an extra touch!


The menu 

If you want your guests to be transported straight to the sands of Kalokairi, prep a delicious Mediterranean main course. For dessert, provide a gorgeous tiered hotel cake complete with tropical flowers. Send your guests home with some blue floral-designed cookies to ensure that they never forget the most *delicious* party they ever attended.


The dress code 

Image: Pinterest

You can't have a themed party without making sure you and your guests are dressed to the nines. Have your guests don bottom jeans, boho maxi skirts and flowy blouses make an adorable Sophie-inspired outfit that will look *perfect* on your Instagram feed. If you *really* want to go all out, grab your besties and copy a look from a Donna and the Dynamos performance. Go-go boots are a must, BTW.

The activities 

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"You can dance, you can jive..." and your friends will too, especially if you have a disco dance floor and Abba karaoke. Belt out your favorite tunes from the soundtrack and play Mamma Mia themed trivia to keeo your guests engaged. Once the sun goes down, set up a projector to binge both Mamma Mia movies. 

Your next backyard get-together is sure to be the talk of the island...or just the group chat. All your guests will be calling for a Mamma Mia! themed party sequel after having the time of their lives.

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by Abigail Adams | 8/18/2021