Your go-to guide for an ~extremely aesthetic~ Friendsgiving party


We love celebrating how much we care about our friends, and what better time of year than Thanksgiving? So gather your girls...we're planning the most ~aesthetic~ Friendsgiving party to get into that sweet spirit.

Gather the gang

The best way to plan any Friendsgiving party? Get your girls together with some super cute handmade invites. You can get arts-and-crafts-y with kitschy hand turkeys and cute confetti cards.

Create some cute concoctions


Maybe it's sparkling apple cider with some sugared cranberries for a festive touch, or homemade pumpkin spice lattes with extra whipped cream and orange sprinkles to gift your guests when they get to your door.

The ~food~


You don't have to have a whole-dinner-spread if you don't want to (unless your parents are super down to help!). A Friendsgiving party can be as much as a meal or as simple as a charcuterie board. Grab some cute snacks (hello roasted pumpkin seeds!) and sit down for a meal together. Don't forget to take tons of aesthetic selfies. Cheers!

Speaking of "cheers!"


Now's the cutest part, ofc! It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without giving thanks, so go around your group and take turns talking about what you're grateful for in your girl gang. Maybe it's the super funny GC that keeps you laughing between classes or the secret code you have to talk about your crushes, or even just knowing that you've always got each other.

What are you most thankful for when it comes to your besties? Share it with us by tagging us on Twitter @girlslifemag.


by GL | 10/11/2021