Here's how to throw the Swiftie party of your dreams


Calling all Swifties! If you're a Taylor *lover*, we've got the rundown on how to throw the party of your Pinterest board dreams. Whether you're throwing a get-together for your Sweet 16 or just because, from the invites to the attire, we've got you covered. Here's how to throw the party of the year that would make Taylor v. proud. 

The invites

There's nothing better than getting a DIY invite in the mail. Send custom Taylor Swift concert ticket stubs to get your besties hyped for your bash. And if snail-mail cramps your style? Opt for Taylor-themed Evites, obvi complete with song references (think: "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling ___ ").

The food 


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Taylor-themed cookies are a *must*, and of course you'll have to include a bright cake or dessert with colorful sprinkles that perfectly emulates the energy of the You Need to Calm Down music video. 

The decor  

Put up Lover balloons, hang photos of Taylor's best moments and set the vibe with some colorful lighting that gives off total Taylor energy. And don't forget the iconic 1989 Polaroid picture photo opp (simply cut out a large white border, write T.S. 1989 and pose your heart out).

The attire 

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Have each of your friends dress up as a different album or era, and once everyone's at the party, try to guess what everyone dressed up as. Trust us, this will be sure to leave you with tons of memories.

The activities 

From Taylor-themed word games (Taylordle anyone?) to guess the song (play the first few seconds of a Taylor song and whoever guesses correctly first wins), the possibilities are just about endless. Whether you try Taylor trivia (there are *tons* of online options out there) or opt for adding lyrics to your fave Taylor tunes, everyone's bound to have a blast! 

The tunes  

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There's no better way to set the vibe for your Swiftie party than by playing Taylor's music! Turn up your speakers and to start the party on the right note, first play her most dance party-worthy songs (think: Look What You Made Me Do, You Belong With Me, Haunted—the list of possibilities is endless), and when the energy from your sprinkle high wears off, switch to her more relaxing songs (some options: Dorothea, August, Nothing New).

The favors 

 All good times come to an end (*sigh*) so when it's time to say goodbye to your crew and to your bash, send your buds off with an adorable favor to show them how much you appreciate them for coming to celebrate with you. A bag with little Taylor-related goodies (some ideas are Taylor playing cards, candy, a CD— so many options!) will be sure to make their hearts melt. 

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 4/7/2022