Dare to Have Fun!

Take Truth or Dare to a whole new level! Get your girlies together and play this classic game with a twist.
Here’s a list of wacky truths and cringe-worthy dares to spice up your sleepover – but remember, if one of your chickies are uncomfortable answering a truth or doin’ a dare, don’t pressure her! This is all about havin’ fun, remember?

Tricky Truths
What’s the most embarrassing TV show you still watch? What’s the longest you’ve gone without a shower? What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you in front of your crush? Embarrassing or gross truths are always fun and good-natured. Beneath the facial mask and freshly painted nails is a gal who’s not as perf as she seems!

Tasty Dares
Take a bite outta Fido’s dinner. Make an ice cream sundae using everything BUT ice cream (like mashed potatoes as faux ice cream, and ketchup as strawberry sauce). Or grab all the red things you can find in the fridge and mix them in a bowl. Now eat up! Food dares are always funny – almost as funny as the look on the girl’s face before she takes her first bite! Just be careful not to make anything too noxious, ‘cause you don’t want anybody to get sick.

Crush-worthy Truths
Given the chance, how would you profess your love to your crush? What’s the worst crush you ever had? How do you deal when you see your crush outside of school? These kinds of truths are good opportunities for swapping tips on how to get the guy – or what to avoid completely!

Funny Dares
Call up your crush and talk about the weather for at least one minute. Close your eyes and open the yearbook to a random page – do your best (good, not mean!) impression of whoever’s picture your finger falls on. Put on your bra and panties outside of your regular clothes and keep them like that until you go to bed. Doing ridiculous, goofy things really loosen up the mood and before you know it, everyone will be scrambling to join in on the goofy dares, too!

Sleepovers are meant to be complete laugh-fests, so keep everything light! Don’t pressure a girl to do something she doesn’t wanna, and def use your good judgment to put on the brakes if any of the truths or dares seem to be harmful or mean-spirited. Have lotsa fun and little sleep!
-Alexa Ercolano


by GL | 2/1/2016
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