We’re *obsessed* with these Halloween hot chocolate bombs


Halloween is right around the corner, and we need fun spooky treats *rn*. Whether you're watching scary movies, trick-or-treating or chilling by the bonfire, these hot chocolate bombs will keep you cozy *and* mesmerized.


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If you're like us, we *need* to know how to create these delish desserts. A Halloween hot chocolate bomb will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and surprise you. (BOO!)

Let's create hot chocolate bombs, but make them ~spooky~.

You will need:

White almond bark (one cube = one hot chocolate bomb)

Hot chocolate bomb mold (like this one)

Hot chocolate mix

Ghost marshmallows

Orange candy melts

(Spooky) sprinkles


1. Melt 3 almond bark cubes (for three hot chocolate bombs)

2. Coat mold with melted almond bark to create first layer; smooth out with a spoon

3. Let mold chill in freezer until it hardens

4. Add a second coat of melted almond bark

5. Remove chocolate mold and melt edges using a heat source

6. Fill one half with hot chocolate mix

7. Add a ghost marshmallow

8. Put both ends together to create the hot chocolate bomb

9. Decorate with orange chocolate and spooky sprinkles

10. Get your *fave* mug, place the Halloween hot chocolate bomb inside and pour over hot milk for a yummy, spooky surprise!

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by Allie Lijewski | 10/15/2020