5 ways to make your camp bunk feel like home


Summer camp is definitely the best part of the year. Who doesn’t like going swimming in the lake, singing around campfires and hanging out with their besties 24/7? The one problem: Those old gross bunks are the worst, and by the end of the summer, we are ready to get home to our own bed and our own stuff. But why not bring home with you to camp? Here are some ways to add some flair to your camp bunk and make sure you feel right at home all summer long.

1. Photos can make any bunk personal.
Make sure to bring lots of photos of your family, friends and even pets to camp with you. Photographs are a great way to personalize wall space and you can even make fun frames to go with them.

2. Bring your comfiest and cutest blanket.
An easy way to make your bunk look fabulous is to add a fun blanket to your bed. Not only will it add some color to those drab looking cabins, it will make you feel right at home.

3. Get organized with a trunk.
Ditch that suitcase or giant duffle bag this year and use a camp trunk to store all of your clothing and accessories. Not only do they help keep your bunk a clutter free area, they double as a stylish addition to your space. You can decorate one yourself or buy one from stores like WalMart, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.

4. Make DIY wall art.
It's time to get crafty. Paint posters or canvases with your favorite quotes, colors and patterns and hang them on the walls near your bunk. Want a little reminder of home? Use a canvas to write something your mom always tells you or a song lyric that is close to your heart.

5. Stay in touch.
Make sure to keep close with your family and friends back home by writing letters all the time. Add a little style to your letters by getting adorable stationary like these cute tiger cards from Target.

Use these tips to personalize and stylize your camp bunk. Making your space colorful and fun may be just what you need. With such a fabulous bunk at camp, you will never want to come home.

How do you bring home to camp with you?


by Emily Mullin | 6/17/2018