The stages of cleaning your room, as told by GIFs


It's finally spring, so what better time than now to do some *serious* spring cleaning, right? But every girl knows that cleaning your room is definitely never as easy as it sounds...

You start off with the best intentions and feel super motivated to tackle whatever mess stands in your way. It's go time. 

In the beginning, you're productive and determined. Seriously, this is way easier than you thought. 

You even spend a few minutes dancing around to some old Britney Spears songs. (That's what people do in the movies, right?).

But in reality, it ends up a lot less fun and a lot more stressful.

You consider just trying to find out where you can buy a curtain like this...

Especially when you find that mysterious Tupperware under your bed filled with something green and fuzzy. Ew.

But it's worth it because when it's all done, your room is sparkling clean and you feel invincible. You *did* it.

There's only one way to really celebrate. Go ahead, you earned it!

What do you love/hate about cleaning your room? Let us know in the comments! 

Photo credit: Deviant Art, GIPHY.


by Amanda Tarlton | 3/21/2017