The perfect rose gold accessories to glam up your room

Sure, it may be fall, but true rose gold enthusiasts know that this trendy hue is more than just a color. It's a lifestyle. From the coveted rose gold iPhone to the perfect necklace, rose gold is a trend that's bound to stick around. If you're a fan of the rose gold crazy, we found the perfect accessories to glam up your room, whether your ready to go all-out or if you just want to add some pretty pops of color.

For the bed:

This pale pink bedding would go great in a rose-gold inspired room.

If you're more into patterns, this rose-gold inspired pattern comforter will add some color and simulates shine with its changing hues.

Throw pillows are the perfect addition to any bed for comfort and style. They're also a great (and affordable) way to change up your room's look without overhauling the decorations you do have. Try this fab and simple solid rose gold pillow that will add the shine (and the pink) that you're looking for. 

This pillow incorporates the best of two trends: shiny rose gold and marble. Win-win.

This chunky-knit pink blanket looks so cozy and warm for the fall. Add your favorite color into your room while still keeping things warm for the cooler weather. Ugh, we wish we could curl up in bed with this blanket ASAP. 

Finally, if you're ready to fully commit, this bed frame is for you. So chic.

For the walls:

If you're a girl who loves simple patterns, this rose gold leaf print would be the perfect addition to your bedroom. 

You can also buy prints in a set so that you can sprinkle your pops of color and shine around the room, or even create a cool collage of prints all next to one another like with these prints.

Rose gold goes beyond can also be practical. This wall-hanger doubles as a necklace holder so you can hang your rose gold on rose gold. Don't worry, we get it. We're obsessed, too.  

If you're like us, you're in love with fairy lights to create a cozy space in a bedroom. But did you know fairy lights also come in rose gold? These string lights are the perfect string lights to add shine, both from your favorite color and from the pixie lights. 

Finally, this mirror adds a subtle pop of pink when hung over your vanity.  

To accessorize:

This shiny, chic night stand is a trendy table to set by your bed. You can hold a few books, a lamp or your phone while it charges. The minimalist design of this table will keep your room looking sleek and organized.  

Of course, your room will be needing some light. This geometric lamp is shiny and fun, plus it plays into multiple trends so your room will be on top of the game.  

Candles are perfect for fall to create a cozy, warm atmosphere in your room. Well, don't worry, you can combine candles and rose gold. These votives will brighten up a room and plus, you can use real candles or secretly fake it with some LED's.

These rose gold mason jars can be used to hold makeup brushes on your vanity, pens on your desk or even just to hold flowers to add some color into your room. They're useful, simple and of course, rose gold. What else could you want? 

Would you decorate your room with rose gold? Which look is your fave? Let us know! 


by Linda Horn | 10/25/2017