How to make the most of your bedroom space

Making the most of the space that's *yours* can be tough. Maybe you're sharing a room with your sister, living in a dorm with a roomie, or just simply have a small room. Your space can become crowded and cluttered fast. Not to mention, the lack of available room to fit all your belongings. Before you decide to downsize your stuff, try these top tips to maximum the limited space in your room.

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    One of the most cluttered spaces in your room is anything that holds your clothes. An easy solution for this to use your underbed space by getting a bed with drawers or buying bins to store your seasonal clothes.

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    One of the best hacks to make any space look bigger is add a wall sized mirror! This will create the illusion that you have a bigger room than you actually do.  If you can't add a full length mirror to your room, try an attention-grabbing tapestry.

  • closet_saving_hacks_1.jpg

    Closet organizers can be such a great way to utilize a small space. You can add a hanging shoe rack to keep shoes off the ground. Or use cascading hangers to pack in even more clothes. If your  closet has shelves use little bins to store items that you won't need as often.

  • ottoman_1.jpg

    Use an ottoman storage seat to keep clutter off the floor. It doublts as a chair for when your friends come over. They come in so many cute prints and colors.

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    One way to maximum space in any room is to have bunk beds. It might not be the most comfy way to share a room, but it saves so much space in the long run. This is typically ideal when you have a dorm. Even when you don't share a room,  you can still save space by using a bunk bed on the top and a desk and dresser underneath.

  • makeup_hack_1.jpg

    You can hang a shoe rack behind your door to store your makeup and beauty products. This makes it easy to get to them all the time and you'll be able to see it.

  • hanger_hack_1.jpg

    Another way to save space in your closet is to use this hanger hack—one hanger for multiple pieces of clothing.

  • bed_shelf_1.jpg

    You can also use an overhead bed shelf to keep your glasses, phone, and tablet stashed away. This saves floor space that a night stand would take up.

  • shelf_1.jpg

    Put a shelf behind your bed to keep your books and knick knacks.

  • hanging_shelf_1.jpg

    You can save space on the floor by having a hanging shelf and there are many DIYs to make your own.

  • desk_1.jpg

    A floating desk is a great way to save space as well—it has an extra shelf space too.


by Ashlin Bird | 3/22/2018