Minimalist decor that's anything but boring


There's only so much stuff you can fit in your room before things start to look cluttered. We're looking at you, gummy bear sculpture. Keep the mess at bay by opting for minimalist decor that takes up less space. Your room will feel bigger without losing the personalized touches that make it yours. To help you get started, we've rounded up some easy alternatives to typical big decor (hint: everything is available in a mini version).

Instead of: a clunky lamp

Try: an LED light

Micro Heart Light, $59, Pottery Barn Teen

The days of bulky lampshades are over. LED lights like the neon pink heart above take up way less space on your desk or table. Plus, they're super cute! You can get LED signs that spell words on your wall, symbols or shapes—whatever fits your aesthetic.

Instead of: a dozen throw pillows

Try: one big pillow

The Big One® Sherpa Bed Rest Pillow, $24, Kohl's

You're kicking your throw pillows off the bed anyway. Why not replace them with one fluffy pillow that you can actually sleep on? No reason to fear flattening a giant pillow like the one above—the extra filling helps big pillows hold their shape.

Instead of: a poster or painting

Try: a mini art print

Peace Hands Mini Art Print by Rachel Szo, $15, society6

Supporting small artists and curating great pieces? Yes, please! Create a tiny gallery on your dresser with these miniature art prints. The average sizes range from 3x4 to 4x4 inches, perfect for your school station. If you get them without the wooden stand (bc you could *def* make your own) they're just $6. 

Instead of: a heavy chair

Try: a foldable chair

Butterfly Chair by Room Essentials™, $35, Target

A huge armchair can leave your room feeling like a storage closet. Keep things open and movable with a foldable chair like the plush option above. When not in use, you can tuck it in your actual closet. Foldable chairs weigh less than regular chairs, making them easy to move at your convenience.

Instead of: a potted plant

Try: mini succulents

Hanging Flower Pot, $32, ApolloBox

Plants add a breath of fresh air to any space, but once they grow it's a battle to keep them confined to their pot. Succulents are the alternative you'll love. They allow all the fun of being a plant mom, without the need for shearing. Store them in tiny pots like the ones above for maximum cuteness.

Instead of: fairy light strings

Try: a projector

Starry Night Sky Galaxy Projector Lamp, $24, Walmart

Our final space-saving swap: ditch your tangled light strings for a unique projected display. Not only does it keep your walls clutter- and nail-free, but it's as relaxing as a night light. Fall asleep under the stars (indoors) with an LED projector like the model in the pic. Then, turn it off and stow it under your bed in the morning.

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Slider Image: GIPHY/Amelia Haru


by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/2/2020