4 easy ways to store books in a small space

If you L-O-V-E books but only have a small space, these tips will *totally* change your book storage game. When you're a bookworm, extensive book collections are bound to happen, but that doesn't mean you need stacks of books everywhere. Not sure where to put your books? You've come to the right place! We've put together four easy ways to store books in a small space. 

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A 3-tier metal cart is a way to go if you have a little space but not enough for a bookshelf. They're sturdy and functional. (Not to mention they come in a range of different colors!) Put this cart beside your bed, so all your books are within reach.

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Wall Shelves

If you have absolutely no space on your floor, you can definitely put a shelf or two on your wall. (Ofc, have an adult help you attach it safely to your wall.) Add multiple shelves for maximum book storage. We recommend organizing by color—it creates an aesthetically pleasing look. 

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You might not think crates are the next cute trend, but they can be useful and easy to use—mainly because you can stack them. You can fit this option with various colors and sizes to maximize your space.

H&M, $12.99

Baskets Under Bed

Another great option if you have limited space is making use of your bed. Grab a couple of short baskets and stack your books in there. Then, push it under your bed for simple storage.

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by Kelly Schwint | 5/25/2022