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Kelli Berglund hosted Fashion Bash! Check out the full lineup here...



We had an amazing time at Fashion Bash 2014! Thanks to all the GL girls who celebrated with us! Check back here on September 19, 2014 to see all the official event photos and video.




Celeb host Kelli Berglund emceed

the fashion show and met tons of fans...



The performances by Bea Miller
were incredible...

We celebrated Fashion Bash 2014 on Tuesday, August 19 in Baltimore, MD with three hours of fun, fashion, beauty, giveaways, special performances, surprise celeb meet-and-greets, makeovers and more. And did we mention it was our 20th birthday? To celebrate, we gifted 200 girlies with our Fashion Bash swag bag (filled with over $700 in back-to-school beauty, books, fashion and tons more goodies). 

The best part of the day? A fab fashion show featuring all the back-to-school styles you'll want to rock in the halls plus surprise musical performances.

And everything was completely free!  


It all went down from 2 to 5pm at Power Plant Live! Then, girls headed right across the street for the 6pm Austin Mahone concert featuring Fifth Harmony, The Vamps and Shawn Mendes at Pier 6.

                              Take a peek at all the fun from last year…

  • kelli4.jpg

    Just announced: Kelli Berglund is hosting Fashion Bash 2014!


    Yay! Kelli Berglund—from Disney XD's "Lab Rats" and the Disney Channel Original Movie How To Build a Better Boy—will be joining GL to host Fashion Bash 2014. Want to meet her? Head to the @kelliberglund or @girlslifemag Twitter page to find out how you can be one of 25 girls to join her exclusive meet-and-greet! 

  • Fashion.jpg

    Barbizon Red Carpet Experience

    Get snapped by the paparazzi, then head to the Barbizon booth to grab your pic, snag a runway lesson and find out how you can land a date with Cody Simpson.


    BOBS from Skechers Style Oasis

    Do good and look great! Preview new styles, score cute BOBS gear and enter to win one of teen pairs of BOBS.


    Choose Friendship Button Bar

    Express your chic sense of style with custom accessories. Grab an Austin Mahone, The Vamps, Bea Miller or GL button and get DIYing. Then get your pic taken for a cute keepsake to remember the day.


    Mirabella Style Challenge

    Learn how to Bella your boots... and take a snap with your design to win more gear. 


  • beauty.jpg

    Clear Start Sampling Station

    Enjoy a free skincare consultation and learn how to get your best skin ever. Plus, grab free Clear Start products and win major prizes.


    Jane Cosmetics Makeovers

    Pros from Jane Cosmetics show you tricks and tops for a naturally gorgeous look in the Beauty Lounge. Then head over to the Jane Beauty Bar for primped-out photos and free samples.


    Splat Hair Chalking 

    Dipped tips, a single streak or ombre accents? Head to the Beauty Lounge, then select your shade and get chalked up by pros from Splat. 

  • fun.jpg

    Allstate's Get There Safe Zone

    Get your Bestie Balloon across the finish line and you're automatically entered to win tickets to the Austin Mahone concert that's happening that night.


    Chick-fil-A Fun and Photo Lounge

    Kick it with the Cow, pose for photos with friends, score prizes and preview the healthy new menu from Chick-fil-A. 


    Taylor Felt's #TForce

    What's your dream? Meet singer, Taylor Felt and pose with the dream board to score posters, bracelets, music, and more. 


  • Music.jpg

    Cailee Rae

    Raised in Missouri and now touring the U.S., Cailee just released "Beautiful Lights" from her upcoming EP.


    Tiffany Houghton

    Fresh off the American Dream tour with MKTO, Tiffany's latest track, "The Best," just dropped on iTunes.


    Kristina Lachaga

    "The Girl With The Big Pink Heart" just opened for Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush. Catch "No Doubt" on iTunes.


  • Fashionshow.jpg
    Join us at 4pm for our fashion show, featuring three fab BTS trends: Mad for Plaid, Fall Romance, and Sporty Glam. Our girl, Bea Miller will be rockin' out with us on the runway—you don't wanna miss this!
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY GL ON 8/14/2014 12:00:00 AM

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