Eat Right

Working hard? 10 nutrients your body needs right now

We all need to make sure we get our daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals, but for athletes and every-so-often gym fiends, it’s even more important to fuel up with these body building blocks. The Daily Burn helped us put together this cheat sheet of what ya need and why, and where to get it fast.

Vitamin B to keep up during high-intensity exercise. Get it from black beans and peanuts.

Calcium to avoid stress fractures and increase bone density. Get it from milk and yogurt.

Vitamin C to boost your immune system. Get it from citrus and strawberries.

Vitamin D to prevent fatigue. Get it from milk and eggs.

Vitamin E to avoid getting a cold. Get it from almonds and sunflower seeds.

Iron to boost your endurance and muscle power. Get it from beef and eggs.

Magnesium to support your skeleton. Get it from leafy greens and almonds.

Potassium to ditch cramps and improve recovery time. Get it from bananas and avocados.

Sodium to keep your brain working and nerves firing. Get it from Gatorade and pretzels.

Zinc to up your energy. Get it from chickpeas and red meat.


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016