Stop that slouch: Why posture counts more than you think



If you've got an achy back and the girl in the mirror looks shorter than you remember being, there might be something weird going on—or, more likely, there's a simple answer: slouching. Turns out, all those probs may be linked to your posture. Standing up straight won't just fix your muscle cramps, though; it'll have some seriously awesome and unexpected boosts, too. Basically, your mom is totally right when she nags you about slouching and sitting up straight. Here's why.

Good posture... you an instant boost of confidence.  

Research shows that keeping good posture makes you feel more self-confident and in control. So the next time you are giving a speech in class or speaking in front of people, try standing tall! Look your audience in the eye, and show 'em the confident girl that you are.

...reduces back or neck pain, headaches and fatigue.

When your bod isn’t in the right alignment, you're gonna feel it. That's why slouching too much often results in back and neck muscle strain, which leads to overall discomfort and yucky headaches. If you start to feel yourself slouching in your chair in class, correct yourself, sit up straight and help your body focus. 

...promotes concentration.

When your posture is properly adjusted, your spine will allow your body to breathe more deeply and efficiently. More oxygen to your brain will allow you to increase your ability to have clear thoughts and ideas, which can lead to an A+ on that dreaded science exam. 

...improves your emotional health. 

According to a recent San Francisco State University study, standing tall is also about emotional health. As it turns out, our slouchy ways can do more than mess with our musculoskeletal system (AKA: the organ system in your bod that allows muscles and bones to move), they can also negatively affect the way we feel. 

...promotes hair, skin and nail growth.

When you're slumped over all day, your spine is curled up in a way that makes it much harder for blood to pass through your veins, which ultimately ends up slowing down the ciruclation process. And if you didn't know: having good blood flow promotes cell growth, which can actually help you have a healthy looking glow to go with your shining locks and long nails.


Do you pay attention to the way you sit? If you didn't, will you be better now? Share in the comments below. 


by Angelina Kaliszak | 2/1/2016