Worried about staying in shape during winter? Too cold to run outside? No worries! I've got a solution for you, chickies! Do leotards, pink tights, tutus and bunheads ring a far off bell? Of course it does! I've brought back the good old days of my ballerina youth by taking ballet classes twice a week. You don't have to be five-years-old to take ballet!

It has def gotten me into shape over the past few months. My classes are filled with plies, jetes, leaps, pirouttes and lots of stretching! My muscles get to try new things every class and I toootally love it. It's such a fun and refreshing activity because you can really feel your body getting worked. My legs and arms have definitely toned up with all the repetitive exercises. I've gotten into the habit of stretching outside of class and I love how flexible I am now!

Although it's a fun way to get in shape, ballet is also a strict and serious type of dance. It's not like hip hop where you can express emotions in any way you want. There are specific ways to stand, pose, point and twirl. Classes can also get a little pricey, but it's def worth it if you're willing to give it your all!

If you're up for something new and intense, ballet is totally for you! You don't have to have prior experience. Just head down to the closest dance studio and sign yourself up for a beginner's! Have fun, ladies!!!

by Sharon Choi | 2/1/2016