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It’s that time of the year again: finals, projects, and homework overload (i.e. no time for working out). And since Daylight Savings is now officially in full swing again, this whole "It's actually 5 p.m. — but it feels like 8 p.m." thing has your motivation to hit the gym after school completely out the door. 

But maybe all you need is a little inspiration from the big screen? Instead of letting the time change get you in a total funk, check out these flicks (feat. our all-time-fave leading ladies) that'll be sure to give you all the fitspo you need.

1. Nora: Step Up—Dance

If any of you have ever seen the final dance sequence to the original Step Up, you can relate to silently sulking about why you can’t have the rhythm of Nora, the most incredible dancer you have EVER seen. After watching Step Up, you might want to sign up for some dance classes because the moves in this film are even more epic than Dirty Dancing. This girl sure gets in a good workout when bustin’ out her moves.

2. Heather and Heidi: Double Teamed—Basketball

This DCOM might be a little before your time, but it’s SO GOOD. For any girl who has ever been less-than-enthusiastic about sports (guilty), this is your movie. These gals had no experience whatsoever with basketball and yet they became world-famous basketball players. Trust us, when you watch this, you’ll be headed to your local park shooting free-throws in no time.

3. Torrance: Bring it On—Cheerleading

We are convinced that Bring it On is the best cheerleading movie on the face of the planet that proves cheerleading is a competitive, kick-butt sport for only the fiercest females. These girls are so fit, they can cheer and tumble without breaking a sweat—talk about fitspiration!

4. Casey: Ice Princess—Figure Skating

Figure Skating is often a forgotten sport. After all, how many schools have a figure skating team? But the second you start watching Ice Princess, you’re suddenly blown away by the beauty, precision, and physical fitness required in figure skating (you know the sore feeling you get when you take off your skates at the ice rink? Eeeek). And don’t feel lame for signing up for figure skating classes after watching because you suddenly realized your dream of being an Olympic figure skater…we did too.

5. Viola: She’s the Man—Soccer

High school soccer star Viola inspires us to be the best on the field. Viola is the epitome of the phrase, “anything boys can do girls can do better.” After all, she is on the boys’ soccer team kicking butt.

6. Bridget: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants—Running

So technically Bridget is a soccer star, but Viola stole Bridget’s thunder, sooooo let’s focus on Bridget’s talent for running, shall we? Did you see that scene where Bridget is running on the beach? Talk about a tough workout. Not to mention the fact that she doesn’t even look like the hot sun, tough sand, or miles and miles of running is even fazing her. She makes us want to strap on a pair of sneaks and get to work.

What leading ladies make you want to get your fit on? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Melanie White | 2/1/2016