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Flu season survival kit: Here’s how to power through

Just as we thought we couldn't long for summer any harder, the season of the flu, chest colds and sinus infections rears its ugly head. The timing couldn't be worse with tons of school work to be completed and goals to be achieved, but don't let an illness keep you from your grind. Here are some essential tools you need to fight through this rough patch. 

Water, tea...and more water   


The most important thing to remember to do when you are sick is to stay hydrated. Water for the body is what gas is for a car, helping all the necessary systems work to get you back up and running. Avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks that will dehydrate you, and instead opt for water. Soothing tea with organic honey is a beneficial option as well to ease a cough or sore throat. 

Vital vitamins 
When all those snot-inducing germs infiltrate your body, the best warriors to send into battle are vitamins. While medicine can be a major help in the  recovery process, replenishing essentials like Vitamin C will bring your body back to its best ASAP.

Travel-size remedies


As much as you may want to stay buried in blankets when you're feeling under the weather, sometimes we have no choice but to power through. If you really can't miss that test or don't want to ruin your perfect attendance, be sure to have a travel-size kit of all your essentials: tissues, cough drops and hand sanitizer. However, your health comes first. If you are truly too sick to function properly then take the day off to recuperate.

Bundle up 
When your immune system is already compromised, stay cozy at all costs to make sure that you don't make things worse. If you have to venture outside, pile on extra layers and wrap your neck in the thickest scarf you own.  

Positive thinking


This may sound a little weird, but studies show that there is real power in showering yourself in encouraging thoughts and maintaining a positive attitude. You are taking away the stress of those heavy emotions and sending all those good vibes down to the rest of your body. So, the next time you wake up with a stuffy nose, repeat your daily motivational mantra a couple extra times. You're stronger than you think! 

What remedies work for you when you're sick? Let us know in the comments. 

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by Cassandra R Lopez | 2/10/2020