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Why am I always sweating?

I know this topic can be a little awkward, but we're here to tell you that body sweat is totally natural. Whether it's your armpits, palms or face, sweating is common and *not* something you should feel embarrassed about.

Sweating is an essential part of the bodily process. There are many reasons for sudden or excessive sweating. According to Healthline, high temperatures, emotional stress, anxiety and food are some common causes of sweat. You may experience higher rates of sweating when you change environments and the temperature varies.

Sweat is also very correlated to and easily provoked by emotions and anxiety. You may notice yourself sweating more when you feel angry, scared, embarrassed or nervous. Sweating is a natural response to anxiety and something that *many* people experience.

Specific foods and beverages are a clear link to sweating as well. Spicy foods and caffeinated drinks, like soda, coffee and tea, have been shown to cause sweat. These are natural ways your body adapts daily to your environment, emotions and food. If you are searching for ways to make yourself more comfortable with sweat or try to limit it, there are some simple adjustments you can make.

Try dressing in light, breathable clothing that allows for more air circulation to your body. Maybe a loose graphic tee or a thin cardigan for those chilly months. Wearing layers allows for easy removal for when you heat up rather than wearing one big chunky sweater.

Another effective way to reduce your sweat during the day is to hydrate. Drinking water throughout the day is not only a good way to limit sweating, but it is also essential for your health. Drinking at least eight glasses a day will keep you cool and help cleanse your body. To keep yourself motivated, set a hydration goal. Maybe try drinking five glasses before noon.

You can also modify your diet to avoid foods that increase your sweating or eat them in moderation. If that burrito with hot salsa always makes your forehead sweat but is too *delicious* to give up, try getting it with mild salsa. Or if those two cups of coffee a day makes your body jittery and cause your palms to sweat, switch to drinking only one cup or give decaf a try. 

Puberty is a time where you may notice your body sweating the most. This is a time where your body is undergoing many changes and sweating in areas you did not sweat in previously is common.

"When I was in seventh grade I never wore gray shirts because they always showed my pit stains," says Annie, 16. "It was always black, white or navy shirts that hid my pit stains the best."

Many people feel embarrassed about sweat stains or noticeably sweating more, but it is important not to compare. It is easy to compare yourself to others with stuff like this, but remember everybody is different and has different ways of handling things. 

"I was taking a history test once that I was so nervous for and I had to keep wiping the sweat from my hands on my shirt because my pencil was slipping," says Madison, 15. 

Some people sweat a lot when taking a test while others tap their foot repeatedly. It is all just ways your body responds to daily occurrences. 

Talking to your friends about your embarrassing moments is a good way to deal with it. Everyone deals with sweat, and having these conversations will help normalize these topics and make you feel less awkward about them. You might even be able to find some humor in it!

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by Lily Baker | 11/27/2020