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  • FUN: Blush Much

    Lip locked

    Last year, I got my braces the same month my boyfriend got them. One day after band practice, he kissed me and our braces got stuck! So we had to walk to the office, try to get some words out...

  • FUN: Survey Says

    A quiz for anyone

    1. High school or middle school? 2. What grade are you in? 3. Ride the bus, car, or walk to school? 4. If you take the bus, what time does it come? ...

  • FUN: Winners

    January Holiday Hits Giveaway: Week 5 Winners

    Our No. 1 resolution? Absolutely owning it in 2016. Our January New Year, New You Giveaway is here to help kick off the new year with freebies that will have you looking—and feeling—fab 24/7. Pamper yourself with ahh-worthy body essentials...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Lacy lunch date

    A few of my BFF's and I were playing truth or dare at lunch. My crush was standing only a couple feet away and I was staring at him. One of my friends noticed and decided to get my attention. She leaned...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Prime pajama party

    I was super excited for pajama day because my BFF and I got matching pajamas to wear. So on pajama day I got dressed wearing the matching pajamas that I loved so much. When I got to school, it turned out that...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Surf camp scandal

    I surf every Saturday at a camp. When I had finished surfing, and was at the showers rinsing off, I took off my sun shirt to show off my bikini body and impress my crush. When I turned around, my...