Blush Much

Your face will turn bright red after hearing this reader's crush blunder

At my school, my class goes out for lunch. One day, I decided to go to this bagel place with my BFF. My crush and his crew happened to be there, too. I guess I got really nervous around him and his friends—because when I was buying my bagel, I forgot to actually buy it. I literally took the bag and walked away immediately. My crush yelled out, “You forgot to pay,” so I ran back. When I walked away again, my crush yelled out, “You forgot to get your change.” At that point I just felt stupid. One of my crush’s friends said to me, “He doesn’t like people who steal,” but my crush responded, “Nah. She’s OK.” You can only imagine how much I was blushing by then.

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by GL | 3/23/2019