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Straighter teeth. A picture-perfect grin. The self-assurance that comes from always having the confidence to smile. That’s what one lucky GL girl will win, thanks to Damon System Braces.

Forget about painful, bulky, metal-mouth nightmares! Here’s the low-down on the hottest new braces around.

The Damon Difference

The Damon System is a new type of braces! (For a list of participating orthodontists near you, CLICK HERE. It’s faster (on average six months quicker than traditional braces), more comfortable and provides a fuller, more beautiful smile than ever before!


Comfort is key and that’s what you get with Damon System. This fabulous new treatment is clinically proven to move teeth with more ease, using lighter pressure on your chops due to tie-less brackets and memory shape wire. What’s even better? Tie-less brackets don’t require adjustments as frequently, nor the painful “tightening” required by traditional braces. And with fewer adjustments needed, you don’t have to visit the orthodontist as often!

Keep The Teeth

Damon System virtually eliminates the yanking of permanent teeth due to crowding. So in most cases, patients don’t have to undergo any oral surgery and get to keep all of their pearly whites.

Smile From Ear To Ear

No need to be self-conscious about wearing these suckers. Damon braces are designed to be discreet and easy to clean. So, go ahead! Smile and say, “Damon!”

Ashley H.


Why she chose Damon “Other orthodontists wanted to remove four permanent teeth. My orthodontist told my parents it was not necessary because he was using the Damon System."

The aftermath “My self-esteem was so low through middle school. My brother called me ‘Vampire Mouth’. I got my braces off the day before my senior prom. I feel so good about myself.”

Shylah F.


Why she chose Damon “My mom wanted me to have the best treatment available. She said that she could tell a big difference in patients' results treated with the Damon System compared to those treated with other braces.”

The aftermath “Everyday someone compliments me on my beautiful smile. I am glad I was treated with the Damon System.”


You want it, imagine it, and now you can have it! ONE super-lucky chick will be starting the year off right with a brand new smile. Damon System is hooking one deserving girl up with an orthodontist in her area and paying for her ENTIRE treatment (an approximate value of $6,000!).

WIN IT! To enter, CLICK HERE or send an email to and include “SUPER SMILE” in the subject line. You can enter once a day, every day, from now until JANUARY 31. We’ll pick 10 entrants at random then ask the chosen gals to send a photo and brief essay telling us why they should be the lucky lady!

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