Survey Says

A quiz for anyone


Here's a short 'n' sweet survey from a GL reader just like you! Take a peek, then leave your answer in the comments below.

Are you more like me or my sister?

1) What is your favorite color?
A: pink!
B: blue, purple, pink, white

2) What is your favorite season?
A: summer
B: spring!

3) Describe yourself:
A: loud, sarcastic, friendly
B: sarcastic, nice, smart

4) You see a cute boy you:
A: flirt flirt flirt because he will flirt back!
B: smile

5) What do you do with your friends:
A: hang out in my room, go to a park, shop
B: go to a park, shop, play the wii

6) what are your talents?
A: guitar
B: art!

Mostly A's you are my sister! you are girly and you like to flirt and love music

Mostly B's you are more like me! you love art and sports you love all colors


GOT YOUR OWN SURVEY?Send it to Jiae at, with the words Survey Says in the subject line, and you could have your survey featured on the main blog! How cool is that?

by GL reader | 2/1/2016
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