Cha-Ching! Earn Cash Fast This Summer

Looking to score some major moolah this summer? Check out our fave summertime money makin’ schemes below and you'll be rolling in green in no time!

1 Love kids? Hand out flyers to neighbors offering your babysitting services. Don’t forget to post your skills at a local library or your community center too.

2 It’s summer and that means most are jetsetting off to faraway places. Offer to house or pet sit while your neighbors are on vacation.

3 Are you crafty? Use your creative talents to make jewelry to sell to your friends and fam. You can even host a monthly sale at your house for guests to view your merch and mingle.

4 Do you have a green thumb? Ask your grandparents or parents' friends if you can help out with lawn mowing or gardening.

5 Go with a summer classic and set up a lemonade stand! With all the folks enjoying the warm weather outdoors, you’re sure to have loads of thirsty buyers.

6 A total Baking Betty? Get together with your girls, and whip up delish treats that you can sell. If you want to set up shop somewhere in your community, don’t forget to ask authorities first.

7 Gather your crew and hold a car wash. Make bright signs with big lettering to draw in customers. Don’t forget to get the thumbs up from Mom and Pops.

8 If you have a lot of unused stuff in your house, have a garage sale—you'll de-clutter, and turn your old junk into cold hard cash! Check out our tips in Declutter for Dollars to make yours a hit.

9 Are you the sporty chick in your gaggle or girlies? Put your skills on the field to work and get certified to be a referee for kids’ sports.

10 Parents uber swamped with work? Offer to do housework, make dinner or even watch the younger sibs for them in return for a paycheck.

Now that you’re on your way to earning bundles of cash, try your hardest not to spend it all before summer’s end! Be smart with these quick money-saving tips.

Open a Savings Account
Ask your parents to help you open your very own bank account. That way, whenever you get paid, you can deposit your cash and not be tempted to touch it. With a bank account, you also earn interest on your money, so your amount grows even if you don’t add any more dough.

‘Rent Control
If you’re always finding yourself reaching for your piggybank even though you’ve promised to pinch those pennies for a new pair of shoes, ask your parents to hold onto your cash for safekeeping. Let them know what you’re saving for and they’ll be sure to hold you accountable.

Reward Yourself
Even between saving and earning all that cash, don’t forget to allow yourself to splurge every now and then for a must-have purchase. That doesn’t mean ya should blow all your stash, but budget and give yourself an allowance to pick up something purrty. After all, you’ve earned it.


by Alissa Scheller and Ryan deLara | 2/1/2016