Dear Carol

Dear Carol: “I don’t have as much money as my friends"

Dear Carol,

Some of my friends’ parents have more money than mine do, and they just hand it over, and it makes it hard for me to go out with them.
—Money Mess


Dear Money Mess,
I remember hanging out with new friends, and suddenly everyone was in a restaurant ordering dinner. Dinner! I was a cashier at a store and had some hard-earned bills crinkled up in my pocket, but no way did I want to split the bill when all I felt I could afford was an appetizer. Later I got better at saying, “Let’s go for pizza—I’m on a budget.” You will, too. There will always be people in your social circle who have more—and less—money than you, and it’s wise to be sensitive to this. Also, try not to be jealous of their fancy new phone or boots because I guarantee you that someone else may be envying something you have, whether it’s a warm family or a sweet dog or a head for numbers. Financial situations change and are no reason to pick or exclude a friend.  

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by GL | 2/23/2020